“Those who are saying that Chamling will exit the arena of active politics are only expressing their wishful thinking”; Pawan Chamling

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Former Chief Minister and the President of the SDF party Pawan Chamling says that he hasn’t budged an inch from the political field. The SDF party has been going slow in terms of holding public meetings in the public interest. The Covid pandemic stricken Sikkim needed a break for people to heal. The SKM government needed time to focus on improving administration. But the government failed miserably. The SDF party is fully connected to the people and will soon intensify its programs. The SDF will continue to raise voice against misgovernance, loss of law and order and utter lack of development.

“Q. When will the SDF party go out to the people? SKM workers are spreading rumours that Pawan Chamling will not come back to active politics. They are challenging the SDF party to come out into the field. Chief Minister Golay has said that you should hold meetings openly rather than holding meetings in the SDF Bhawan. What would you like to say in response?

Ans: Those who are saying that Pawan Chamling will exit the arena of active politics are only expressing their wishful thinking. They know that the SDF is the most popular party, the centre of hope and the aspiration of the Sikkimese people. They know that Pawan Chamling is the most trusted and time-tested leader. They know that if Pawan Chamling steps down, they can take Sikkim for granted. So the rumour is nothing but the expression of their fear and lies. Let me tell them that I have not budged one inch from the field. I am as much with Sikkim and the Sikkimese people as I ever was. The SDF party and all the sahayoddhas are fully ready to make any sacrifice. We have the same josh and hosh. This party has the power to face the deadliest beasts, not just a few rabid puppies. The curse of a housefly doesn’t kill a bull. To underestimate the SDF party is to dig the grave of one’s political career. My advice to the local Baba Bhangis and Nostradamuses is that instead of worrying about my future and fortunetelling about the SDF and me, use your fortunetelling on yourselves.

Yes, we have gone slow for the last two years or so due to various reasons. Covid was one. We also needed to give the new government time to focus on their administration and development and to prove themselves. But they have failed miserably again and again. Now they can’t say that we disturbed them. They had their time and chance and they have squandered it. We are aware that the people of Sikkim are desperately waiting for us to come into the field. We are missing them. We will go to them sooner rather than later. We are in touch with hundreds of our well-wishers. A huge majority of people are with us. Government employees, businesspeople and youth are with us. Every day, I receive hundreds of calls and messages from people from all walks of life.

The SKM government has been victimizing the poor since it’s inception. People are going through terrible economic and mental stress. When we go to the people, they will intensify that victimization and persecution. We know that people need some rest. This cruel government has a brutal weapon called persecution. Their family members and relatives who have been victimized are already going through trauma. People have been shown all kinds of intimidation. People have been waiting for their old age pensions, bills, medicines and even salaries from this government. Many are chasing the payments of their construction and other bills. We do not want the people to go through such harassment, persecution and losses, especially when they had already borne such irreparable loss during the Covid pandemic. They all need a little time to heal. So our decision to going slow was in public interest.

It is a shameful reality that we are governed by leaders who have a Stone Age mentality. Sikkim had never been under such heartless, soulless and shameless leaders before.
You all have been witnessing the SKM goondagiri against innocent people. The years 2019-2021 have been the bloodiest years in Sikkimese history. The government has been using the police force to harass citizens. When we go out to the field, these desperate SKM goons will go mad and create mayhem. We are aware of that. Sikkim has lost its peace, law and order, image, economy and assets under the SKM governance. What else can Sikkim expect from a Chief Minister who openly issues threats in the name of “Goley’s Team.” Let him threaten away- I am not scared. But I am grieved that many are weeping and mourning the foolishness of the CM. Let him realize that for the sake of Sikkim and its dignity, we are ready to face Yamaraj’s Team – for us, Goley’s Team is a mere joke.

We are not a bit concerned about their harassment, bullying and goodnagiri against us. We can battle against any power to save Sikkim. We are hoping that the government will own up to their rampant selling of Sikkim, gross misgovernance and change their mind. The time is running out for them. We will soon come out on the field and they will realize once again which party is the actual power of the people.
We are taking serious note of their frustration and anger. They are still speaking the same foul language, carrying the same attitude of street fighters, using the same cheap talk, displaying the same mannerisms of a villain and braving as the same goondagiri they are. They have no answer to our ideological stance. There is not one person in the SKM party that has realised that politics is an ideological battle. Every single SKM member has one common ability which is to haul like a fewra. Their mind and brain are rusting for lack of use. They think muscle power is everything. The SDF’s greatest plight is that we don’t even have worthy political rivals who can think and talk sensibly. Talking to them about ideology is like reciting scriptures to a bear.

Finally, the SDF party will continue to oppose the government’s anti-Sikkim, anti-people decisions. We will continue to fight against their conspiracy to misguide, divide the people and sell Sikkim. We are very much in the field and will not back out even an inch. When we eventually declare a final war against these anti-Sikkim elements, everyone will see. No one can stop time and its impact.

Krishna Kharel


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