Sikkimay Nagarik Samaj accused SKM Spokesperson for attempt to rape: Both accused and  victim denies

Sikkimay Nagarik Samaj on August 21 accused Jacob Khaling Political Secretary of Chief minister on attempt to Rape showcasing an…

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Bhutia Lepcha community holds solidarity rally in capital: Condemns statement of Political Secy Jacob Khaling

In the fake FIR case row, Jacob Khaling had called on press conference on August  23 and informed of lodging…

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Newspaper vendors overlooked while the pandemic affected print media

Newspapers are the oldest form of mass media and dates back to 1605. It is one of the prime means…

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Equidistant from potentiality and vulnerability| What does it mean to be young

There is nothing that we don’t celebrate in India. Few things are harder to innovate than to declare the birthdays…

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Internet shutdowns turning India undemocratic?

India leads the world not in the economy or science or arts, but in the number of internet shutdowns. According…

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Yachna Rizal- Preserving culture while promoting sustainability through fabrics

Life is all about choices one makes; from waking up early in the morning, cutting down of sugar in a…

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