SDF submit a representation for immediate investigation of brutal attacks on their party workers


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The frequent incidents of brutal attack, pelting of stones and damaging of vehicles of the members of the SDF party by the ruling SKM party has become the order of the day under the SKM Government. As usual, today around 11 a.m. some of the members of the SDF Party were brutally attacked and grievously injured by the SKM members, while the SDF party members were heading towards Daragoan, District Soreng to attain a meeting. It is unfortunate, that the FIR regarding the case could not be filed as the members of the SDF Party apprehended danger to their lives. Besides it was informed that the culprits had also gathered at the police station in order to stop our members from filing the FIR. As a result of this serious situation, a delegation led by Mr M.K Subba, Chief Spokesperson called on the Directorate General of Police, Sikkim and submitted a representation for immediate investigation and appropriate action against the culprits as per law. The SDF party strongly condemns such acts of violence and unlawfulness. The contents of the representation submitted to the DGP reads as follows:

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“We the undersigned, on behalf of the Sikkim Democratic Front Party (SDF), have been compelled to submit this representation for your kind direction and necessary action as per the due process of law. It is very unfortunate to place on record the fact that in various incidents in the past the members of the SDF party have been brutally attacked and assaulted while they were peacefully and lawfully conducting the Party activities in several localities in the State. As a matter of fact, even the vehicle of the Hon’ble Party President Shri Pawan Chamling (Former Chief Minister) and his convoy of cars was also wrongfully restrained and damaged on several occasions in the past.

Today, we are submitting this representation in view of the fact that a similar incident and acts of brutality and unlawfulness, as referred above, occurred at Daragaon, Soreng District, Sikkim at around 11 AM. As per the scheduled programme, a Party meeting was to be held at Daragaon, Soreng District, Sikkim. As required under the law, permission for holding the said meeting was also granted by the Superintendent of Police, District-Soreng. (A copy of the said permission Order is enclosed here with this representation). When some of the members of the SDF Party were proceeding towards the venue of the meeting, they were suddenly attacked by the group of people who are the members of the ruling SKM Party led by Shri Sukraj Subba (Suku) who is thePresident of Constituency Level Committee of SKM Party.

In this act of violence perpetrated by the said culprits, few of the members of SDF Party namely, Shri Arun Limboo, Shri Rikzing Norbu Dorjee Bhutia, Shri Avinash Yakha, Shri Sukraj Limboo, Shri Satish Mohan Pradhan and others were brutally attacked and grievously injured. The vehicles belonging to the members of the SDF Party were also totally damaged. This act of violence was a complete motivated conspiracy to disrupt the said scheduled meeting and also to criminally intimate and danger the lives of the members of SDF Party. Such acts of violence are totally against the basic principle of democracy and rule of law. It was under very difficult circumstances and situation the members of the SDF Party present there in the place of occurrence managed to escape in order to save their lives. It is pertinent to mention here that filing of the First Information Report in the Police Station where the incident occurred is not possible as required, since it is informed that the culprits are stationed at and on the way to the Police Station to restrain our members from filing the FIR. There is every possibility that they will assault or attack our members while filing the FIR.

There are instances of such acts of illegality or unlawfulness as in the recent incident which took place during the Budget Session where some of our members were brutally attacked and their vehicles were totally damaged below the Hon’ble High Court and in front of the Sadar Police Station, Gangtok by the members of the ruling SKM party. However, if situation provides, the relevant FIR will also be filed in the Police Station as per the procedure. (For purpose of reference and record a copy of the FIR to be filed in the PS, Soreng is also enclosed). It may kindly be recorded that in view of continuous acts of violence perpetrated by the members of ruling Party on those who oppose or differ with the views or policies of the incumbent government and the inaction or absence of the police in several incidents has become the order of the day in Sikkim. Therefore, this occurrence of brutal attack of organized crime within close premises of Soreng Police Station and inaction of the police proves the failure of law and order continues in Sikkim. In view of the facts and prevailing circumstances, it is requested that matter being very serious in nature, you will be kind enough to issue necessary directions immediately to the concerned SP and the SHO of Soreng PS to take appropriate action immediately as per the law. Furthermore, in the event the members of the SDF Party are unable to file the FIR at the concerned Police Station, then the FIR copy enclosed herewith along with this representation may be read and treated as the FIR for initiating required inquiry, investigation, and prosecution against the said culprits as per the due process of law and in the interest of equity and justice.”

J.B Darnal

Spokesperson, SDF.

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