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“Present day unrest and state of affairs in the state are the result of Mr Goley’s idea of Sikkim”: Chamling

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Former Chief Minister and President of the SDF party Pawan Chamling said that the lawless and criminal minded fellows of Sikkim have the confidence that the Present CM of Sikkim is their sympathiser and they believe that he will protect them against all opposition and resistance of the people.

Present day unrest and state of affairs in the state are the result of Mr Goley’s idea of Sikkim who openly threaten people and flaunts his infamous “Goley’s Team”. All the police stations across the states are ruled by Goley’s own people who refuse to write GD of the victims of goons. He has appealed to the people of Sikkim, particularly the youth of the state to stand united against this undemocratic regime. To protect Sikkim against these authoritarian forces  is Sikkim’s supreme objective at the present hour.

“ Q. From a five term Chief Minister to lay people, from hotel employees to medical doctors, from a couple travelling in their car to older citizens walking in the streets, from social workers in the field to government workers in their work place – literally every citizen is unsafe in present day Sikkim. Even social visits have become a risky venture – a fact, shocking but true. There are death threats everywhere. Now people have started expressing their insecurity and fear to go out in public places. In response to such rising crimes and public anxiety, all that the government and ruling party are doing is conducting an endless number of press conferences.
What went wrong? What do you feel yourself about this terrible situation? What is your message to the government and the youth of Sikkim?

Ans: Sikkim has become unsafe everywhere, be it in the colleges or streets, be it in your own vehicles or in hospitals, be it in shops or in offices – people now have to risk their dignity, security and even lives. Sikkim is seeing all kinds of crimes. People’s bags, wallets, purses, mobile phones, ornaments, etc. are being snatched by pickpockets in broad daylight. These things were unheard of in Sikkim in the past. People are being attacked, molested, assaulted, stabbed and what not.

There was a time when crossing into Sikkim borders (Melli and Rangpo) used to give a soothing sense of security. We felt like we had come home. No longer. As soon as we cross these borders into Sikkim, there is a fear of goons blocking the road, using abusive words and pelting stones. It feels like we have entered some uncivilized territory of savage thugs and dacoits. It is not the Sikkim that we were born in. It is not the Sikkim that we had until a few years ago. This is new Sikkim, CHANGED SIKKIM, Parivartanko Sikkim. Things have become so bad that now Sikkimese people feel safe as soon as they cross Sikkim borders into West Bengal. What a tragedy for Sikkim!
Now let me tell you what went wrong. There are two things. Firstly, all the goons, rowdies, thieves, murderers, drug peddlers, pickpockets, criminal minded and lawless fellows have confidence that their man is the Chief Minister of Sikkim and he will patronize and protect them. They control the roads, streets, offices, markets, Panchayats, ULBs, police stations, quarries etc.  Chief Minister PS Tamang has kept all “his people” in all the police stations and they work as his party cadres. That is why, they do not write the people’s General Diary. On 10 October 2019, my vehicle was pelted with stones but the Jorethang Thana refused to write a GD. Something happened after the Denchung incident 2021. Recently in the Melli and Tarey Bhir incidents, the goons had parked their vehicle in the middle of the road to stop us. Then they spewed abusive words, threw stones at us, and damaged our vehicles.

The Melli Thana flatly refused to write a GD. Instead, our innocent people have been arrested and taken into police custody. That is the level of law and order in the state right now. The Rule of Law, Democracy and Law and Order have become things of the past. Sikkim looks exactly like Uganda under Idi Amin and North Korea under Kim Jong-un. This is the result of a wrong man taking the reins of administration. He has no idea that the job of the Chief Minister is to provide peace, security and prosperity to the people. He is doing just the opposite – which is to rob the people of their peace, security and prosperity.
Secondly, it is a case of Mr. Goley’s idea of Sikkim coming to fruition. What kind of Sikkim would one expect where the Chief Minister openly says, “Goley’s team is ready”. “I will show you who Goley is”, “Kutai diyera aaunu, kutai khayera mero ma naaaunu” meaning “do not come to me if you are beaten, come only if you beat others”. After the stone pelting incident in Poklok Kamrang, on 11 October 2019 in a public rally at Nandugaon, he said, “I heard that yesterday some people threw stones at Chamling. What is wrong in that? If they threw stones at him, they did it.” His cabinet minister Mr. Kharel says, “We will finish Chamling any time”.  Their party’s pre-poll pledge was “We need to form the government at any cost whether it means by beating, looting or murdering” (Sarkar hamilia chahinchha, kutera hunchha ki, lutera hunchha ki, marera hunchha”. This is the blue print of their Sikkim and Sikkim is changing as per their plans.
My message to this cruel government is this: you cannot suppress the people’s rights forever. Sikkim is the homeland of the Sikkimese people. You have been given a public mandate for their peace and security. Your arrogance and cruelty is destroying the Sikkimese legacy of peace, security and prosperity. Learn to respect Sikkim and the Sikkimese people or face the Sikkimese ire soon. You will be dumped into the dustbin of Sikkimese history.

Finally, I appeal to the people of Sikkim in general and youth in particular to condemn the rising criminality in Sikkim and oppose all forms of injustice, abuse and destructive attitudes. Those who are in politics as young people – use your potential in constructive activities and express your ideas to the people of Sikkim. Say “No” to those who ask you to throw stones and abuse others. Sikkim needs you and always remember that you are Sikkim. The need of the hour is to bring this undemocratic regime to an end. Sikkim has to be instantly saved from these authoritarian forces. There is no dearth of Sikkim loving youth who have both the potential and dreams to make Sikkim the best place in the world. However, our job right now is to create an environment where such potentials and dreams can foster. The present unrest and undemocratic environment is terribly detrimental to Sikkim’s growth.”
Krishna Kharel
Vice-President, Publicity Affairs



Sikkim Democratic Front,

Head Office, Indira Byepass,

Gangtok, East Sikkim.

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