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Sikkim Democratic Front’s ‘Sikkim Bachao Abhiyan at Poklok-Kamrang constituency concludes

Sikkim Democratic Front’s Sikkim Bachao Abhiyan concludes at Poklok kamrang Constituency. The Sikkim Bachao Abhiyan started from Lower Ghurpisey in form of car rally, and took halt in Assangthang Sai Mandir for morning puja of the party leader, Pawan Chamling and few of the party workers. The rally proceeded to Salghari to the house of Kabita Subba, press secretary of SDF party, where the new party members were welcomed by SDF party president. The halt also saw the nomination of new party leaders, mostly from youth group.

The rally took the route of Kitam-Manpur via Jorethang Bazar and concluded in Lower Ghurpisey, in the residence of president Pawan Chamling where he briefed few of the policies of the party to the reporters.

President of SDF party, Pawan Chamling, in his short press briefing said that the party shall see the continuation of ‘Sikkim Bachao Abhiyan’ even after the next general election, and strongly emphasized that SDF party will continue working day and night till they overthrow the ruling party from the governance. He also commented that the brawling and disturbances caused by SKM party members during the rally have only raised the confidence of SDF party to work harder.

Pawan Chamling also stated that the immediate solution for the disorder prevailing in Sikkim state can only be solved by implementation of the Presidential Rule, whereas, in another note, the party president also commented that the governor of Sikkim is not working for the good of Sikkimese people, but rather been acting in accordance to the chief minister of Sikkim PS Tamang. The president also said that Sikkim Police are bound to work for the chief minister and therefore hand-tied in fulfilling the chief minister’s wishes only.

Report by Sushil Rai

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