SDF worker open fires: Sikkim on alert

After a break of just few weeks, of the previous clash between SKM and SDF party workers, the last one occurring during the budget session, one more violent clash, which has created a stir of fear and shock in the state has been reported between SKM and SDF party workers in Soreng district. A SDF party worker was seen open firing in the air with a pistol that he took out from a satchel he was seen carrying. 

In a previous video shared Sikkim Chronicle media platform today, SDF party worker, Avinash Yakha is seen taking out a pistol and open firing in the air while he is being chased by an “alleged” SKM party worker who was seen pelting stones at the vehicle he was in. The allegations came from SDF, when a local media house contacted SDF spokesperson JB Darnal, he said a constituency-level meeting was being organised by SDF at Soreng along with opening of the party office. “When SDF workers were going to the venue, they were attacked with sharp weapons by SKM workers,” he alleged. “To save himself, Yakha escaped from the attack by firing shots in the air with his pistol. The ruling SKM is not allowing opposition to hold their programmes in Sikkim and thus suppressing democracy,” he told Swatantra Awaaj.

Yakkha was filmed firing the gun right after he gets out of the damaged vehicle. The man chasing Yakha is also heard yelling the name “Arun Limboo” who happens to be a SDF party spokesperson. Later some pictures of Arun Limboo with a wounded face was shared by the SDF party’s official social media page alleging that he was attacked by SKM party workers.  The incident was reported to have taken when a convoy of SDF party workers was said to be allegedly stopped by SKM workers at the incident spot.

As per the sources, a police complaint has been lodged by the SKM party workers and while speaking with Sikkim Chronicle over the phone SP Soreng Jaya Pandian said that a case has been registered against SDF worker Avinash Yakha under Arms Act and is being traced since he is absconding after the incident.  

Bullet shells along with gun-holder have been recovered from scene of incident and the damaged vehicle that was in the vicinity. Meanwhile, Sikkim is in high alert as the search for the perpetrator is taking place. The police are carrying out extensive searches in Soreng and adjoining Namchi district while the borders and the bridges are being patrolled to nab absconding Avinash Yakha.

More details have not yet emerged since this is an active investigation but the police have assured that there wasn’t any unfortunate harm caused due to the act of the miscreants. According to the SP Soreng “situation is under control and no casualties have been reported. The assailant is yet to be arrested.”

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