” High Court has reinstated the students to Geyzing College, Jacob Khaling must apologize to the four students.” : SDF

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Today is a day of victory for the students of Sikkim. The four students of Geyzing College, who were expelled for demanding the completion of their college campus, won their case at the High Court after a long battle. The High Court has observed that there was a complete violation of the principle of natural justice and with that, the expulsion of the four students– Pravin Basnet, Pravin Upreti, Nakul Sharma, Lokendra Adhikari– has been quashed.

The Student Front of the SDF party congratulates the four students on their momentous victory against injustice by the very system that bears the responsibility of protecting their rights and the rights of all students in Sikkim. The legal battle has been won by the students. Yet, it is unfortunate that the government has been mum on the case of the four students till date, unwilling to change their stance on the expulsion of the students despite uproar from all corners of the state.
It was a shocking and highly irresponsible statement on the part of the Political Secretary to Chief Minister P.S. Golay and Spokesperson, SKM, to name the students “anti-national” and “terrorists”.

Now that the High Court has reinstated the students to Geyzing College, Jacob Khaling must apologize to the four students. He must also make public the results of the investigation by the CBI and NIA that was to be done on the students. The entire case of the Geyzing College students shows that the SKM government and Jacob Khaling are willing to sacrifice the future of the students instead of taking responsibility and admitting their mistake. The complete silence of the Chief Minister upon such a statement from his Political Secretary shows either the complete lack of concern regarding the future of the students or his inability to lead his own team, much less govern. The court intervening to give justice to the expelled students is a history in itself.

The blotch will forever remain on the SKM government and the expulsion will forever be a reference point of an anti-education party leading a government. Despite the callous and unfair treatment of the students by the SKM government, the students have won their battle and the Student Front, SDF, congratulate the four students on their victory. The four students have not only won the battle for themselves but for the rights of all students in Sikkim.
Ram Gurung
Executive Member., Student Front

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