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Wild animal attacks domestic livestock at Gyalshing District: Citizens raise concern

In recent years, conflicts between wild animals and domestic livestock have become a growing concern in Gyalshing District, with bears and monkeys being the main culprits. This issue has come into the spotlight once again after a wild bear attacked and killed a domestic goat in broad daylight at Lower Melli Aching near Pochaybung Village.

The incident has left the local community shocked and outraged, with citizens expressing their concerns about the lack of support from the authorities in addressing this issue. Despite several reports and applications for financial assistance and compensation submitted to the Forest Department and Panchayats, no action has been taken yet.

Wild animal attacks on domestic animals not only cause financial losses to the owners but also pose a threat to human life. As a result, the public is urging the authorities to take immediate action to resolve this matter and prevent further incidents.

Karzang Dawa Lepcha from Melli Aching, Gyalshing District, speaking on behalf of the concerned citizens, stated, “We are extremely worried about the safety of our livestock and ourselves. We have been reporting these incidents to the authorities, but no action has been taken so far. We urge the Forest Department and Panchayats to take this matter seriously and provide us with the necessary support.”

The citizens are hoping that the authorities will take prompt and effective measures to address this issue, such as setting up barriers, providing financial assistance or compensation, and organizing awareness campaigns to educate people about how to protect their livestock.

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