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SPYF demands hike in wage of workers under state departments; “We don’t want excuses, we demand increase in daily wage” says SPYF

Sikkim progressive youth forum has alleged state government of not implementing minimum wage policy in the sectors run by the government.

Addressing a presser here at the state capital, Rupen Karki, General Secretary, SPYF stated, “State government on July 11 issued a notification on hike of minimum wage of daily wage labourers but the govt has failed to implement it in their own department.”

Furthermore, Karki argued, “The private sectors have complied with the minimum wage policy, but government departments are yet to comply. There are PWD workers, Home-guards, and other temporary government workers under the state government also deserve minimum wages.”

In addition, SPYF General secretary alleged the state departments making excuses, “We visited Labour department, Roads and bridges department and finance department but it seems the department is not serious and just making excuses.”

SPYF demanded hike in minimum wage of all workers working under state department, “we do not demand excuses, we demand hike in minimum wage” he added.

Following up to the demands, SPYF appealed the workers to unite and fight for the rights, “When workers came together and demanded hike in minimum wage the govt then responded, it’s the same now we have to unite and fight” Said Karki.

“If the government will not increase and neglect the issue then we will think of new steps to strengthen and fight for the rights” he concluded.

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