“Sikkim has lost one of the finest cardiologist” Former CM on demise of Dr Sanjay Upreti

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Former Chief Minister and the President of the SDF party Pawan Chamling has expressed his deepest grief, shock and condolences on the tragic demise Dr Sanjay Upreti. He has saluted the Doctor terming him as Pavitra Veer and Pavitra Krantikari who saved a staff member’s life by taking the stabbing himself. There is no such example in recent memory. He has appealed to the Sikkim Government to constitute a bravery award, name cardiology department of the STNM hospital after him and name the hospital and health centre closest to his native place after him in honour and memory of his heroic act.

“ I am deeply pained and disturbed by the tragic news of Dr. Sanjay Upreti succumbing to his injuries this morning at 3 am. He had sustained those fatal injuries while saving a staff member from a man who was stabbing her. He bravely faced the stabber and received deadly injuries himself. Sikkim has lost one of the finest cardiologists, an ideal doctor and one of its bravest sons. For his loved ones, they have lost a gem. I have no words to express my personal shock and grief and words also fail me to express my condolences and sympathies. My prayer is that the Almighty God will give them sufficient strength to bear this irreparable loss and indescribable tragedy.

Sikkim and humanity at large will never forget the courage he displayed and the sacrifice he made to save the life of a helpless woman under attack. We haven’t seen such an example in recent memory. I salute him as a Pavitra Veer and Pavitra Krantikari who gave his life fighting for another human life. His valiant act shows how much he valued human life. He was a cardiologist by profession who treated people’s hearts and physical sickness. Tragically, he became a victim of one who was sick in his mind, thought and intellect. Sadly, Sikkim is witnessing the spread of this sickness. His tragic death must awaken Sikkim to take a stand against such murderous elements.

As we mourn this tragic death of a proud son of Sikkim, I reiterate my appeal to the government to constitute a bravery award in honour of his exemplary bravery and heroic action.

The Sikkim government, in memory of this heroic cardiologist, can name the Cardiology Department of the STNM Hospital after him.

In addition, the state government could name a government hospital or a health centre that is closest to his native place after him in his memory.”

Krishna Kharel

Vice-President, Publicity Affairs


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