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Sikkim Government bans release of Kabbadi-4 in Sikkim

Chief Minister of Sikkim Prem Singh Tamang via his social media handle announced to put ban on release of Kabbadi -4 in Sikkim.

“Considering the sentiment of the people of Sikkim and various associations and organizations, the state government has decided to impose a ban on the release of Kabbadi 4 in the state until the dispute is resolved in an acceptable manner.” reads the post

The Kabbadi-4 took negetive turn after the last month incident where Miruna Mangar the lead actress of the film alleged Phurba Lama of touching her inappropriately at a movie premiere. Following the Incident, Phurba Lama was slapped and was insulted on spot.

Tamang Buddhist Association of Sikkim Lama Association of Sikkim along with All India Buddhist Forum showed dissatisfaction over Miruna Mangar’s action against Phurba Lama.

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The forums and associations demanded ban on the release of Kabbadi 4.

“Our intentions is to condemn the atrocities meted out to an innocent lama and to seek through and fair investigation to find out the truth from the Government of Nepal and to avail justice for both of them. And we must
peacefully stop releasing “Kabaddi four” in our region to build up pressure to get justice for undisputed dharma till the matter is not resolved legally.” Writes All India Buddhist Forum

Sushma Gurung and Anmol Gurung film producers of Kabbadi-4 apologised and requested audiance to watch the film.

However, an apology from Miruna Mangar has not been recieved yet.

The film was due to release on June 17 at India along with Sikkim.

Producer Sushma Gurung reacting on the ban imposed by the Sikkim Government, shared, “We respect the decision taken by the State government as it entails with the sentiments of the Buddhist community at large. We equally respect the sentiments of the Buddhist communities and welcome the decision taken by the government. On the release of the movie, the Kabaddi 4 team will take a collective decision as to the way forward with regards to release of the film in the future”.

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