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“SDF party has come back in another avatar with new energy, enthusiasm and ideas” PK Chamling

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President of the SDF party Pawan Chamling says that the SDF loss in the 2019 Election was the much needed break for the SDF during which the party got a chance to introspect and filter. With this break the SDF party would have never got a chance to filter out the political brokers. Also the vacuum created by them has been filled by youth who want value based and issue based politics. He says that the SDF party has come back in another avatar with new energy, enthusiasm and ideas. The SDF 2.0 will show how should the future of Sikkim look for the youth and set an example of what youth politics showily be like.
“ Question: The SDF party seems to be at a crucial revival stage. New faces as well as SKM members are joining the SDF party. You are calling the new avatar of the SDF the party of the new generation. How will the SDF party 2.0 be different from the earlier version? What new transformations have been made to make the SDF relevant to the emergent aspirations of the new generation. Sikkimese people ?
Ans: I am totally convinced that the break we got in 2019 election was not only a blessing in disguise but a much needed break. I think this because of the following reasons.
Firstly, if we hadnt lost the 2019 election, we would have never known that hundreds of our leaders were merely political brokers. They were serving their personal interests. Now the people are telling me how those power brokers used to bully them. People are congratulating me for getting rid of them. The SDF party is going through a historic filtration process. The chaff has been removed, leaving wheat in the party. You can also say that we got a chance to bring about SAMUDRA MANTHAN. We are churning the poison out of the party. A big and old party like ours needed to do this. This has been a painful but most needed process. The SDF is coming back in a new AVATAR.
Secondly, we have also received the opportunity to self-introspect deeply and freely. We have been discovering lapses, weaknesses, gaps and exploring ways to rectify them. I can tell you that the SDF party has become much, much stronger and a more refined party with a totally refreshed understanding. 
The third reason why this break was needed was that the SDF party has been able to establish a novel contact with the new generation. I must admit that a 30 year old party can easily develop a disconnect with newer generations. But during the break, the new generation has begun to interact with us and join us. Also, older personally interest minded leaders leaving had created an adequate vacuum for newer and younger members to join the party meaningfully and proactively. The SDF has been making needed amends to accommodate the young peoples newer ideas, perspectives and aspirations. The SDF has been born again in that sense and is now endowed with new energy and new ideas. The youth who want value and issue based politics have been coming to us in huge numbers. We, with our young team will show HOW SHOULD THE FUTURE OF SIKKIM LOOK FOR OUR YOUTH and will set an example of WHAT YOUTH POLITICS SHOULD BE LIKE. Youth will not be pelting stones and holding guns. They will be in the forefront of decision making, planning and executing plans to turn Sikkim into a land of young people. 
Finally, the ill-governance and zero efficiency of the SKM government had made people realise our partys efficiency, stance and  worth.
The SDF party has become a unique party in Sikkim with the senior most leader, the countrys longest serving CM as its president and the youngest team. We have thousands of hardworking, talented, educated, Sikkim loving, determined and motivated young people and honest and sincere leaders at various fronts leading the way. 
The SDF party has a unique mix of vast experience and unfathomable new energy and enthusiasm; time-tested, trusted leadership and the newest ideas and freshest energy. 
The year 2024 will be the beginning of another golden era with the SDF 2.0 embarking on a new journey with a renewed vision.”

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