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SDF leader MB Dahal resigns from SDF party: “I felt i was not much of importance to party and leader”, said MB Dahal after his resignation

Former Deputy Speaker and SDF Leader, MB Dahal, submits letter of resignation to party president on 13 June. MB Dahal began his political career as Village Panchayat President at age of 23 years old and he was member of Legislative Assembly since he was 26 years old. Dahal then  joined Sikkim Democratic Front, in 2002 and  was elected in 2009 and appointed as Deputy Speaker.

In his political carrier he was elected as Member of Parliament for 3 times and he was also a former Home Minister of Sikkim.

In his resignation letter, he mentioned the reason for resignation is neither an emotional decision nor a case of emotional blackmail to any individual or leader, rather it is a social decision. He further explained, “it is a social decision taken in the interest of people who had elected me in the past to serve them.”

He said that the decision to leave SDF Party is a very big step, as his supporters, voters and people of Sikkim are more important than anything and everything, but he said,” since 2014, I have felt that I was not of much importance to the party and its leader. The situation and attitude has continuously worsened since then.”

On 14June 2022 called a presser at Gangtok and informed that  he wished that he may not have to take part in politics again, but he said if the situation arise, where his assistance and experience will be required, he will make a sound decision keeping best interest for people of Sikkim.

On his letter of resignation, he mentioned that, “I am thankful for having been given the opportunity to serve the people Sikkim and I am greatly indebted to all who have supported me while working with SDF Party and I would like to bid farewell to SDF Party.”

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