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SDF holds SKM led govt accountable in recent hurt to Sikkimese sentiments; demands CM’s resignation

Sikkim Democratic Front, former state-ruling and currently the opposition, held Sikkim Krantikari Morcha’s state government accountable for the foreign tag labeled on Sikkimese Nepali community.

The observation of the Supreme Court that has been the state’s burning issue and one that has caused a massive uproar has been blamed upon the government by SDF.

MK Subba, Chief- Spokesperson, SDF reiterated, “Chief Minister is saying that they will file a review petition with excellent lawyers.”

Elaborating more on it, Subba said, “Now, let’s come to the review part. The review comes under Article 137, but it’s very difficult because once the judgement is given by the Supreme court the chances of getting reviewed is less.”

Levying blame on the SKM supremo and current Chief Minister, Subba further said, “CM is just buying time, if he had the capacity to then why didn’t he do It before the passing of the judgement.”

Subba further stressed that SDF previously had prepared an affidavit which was supposed to be submitted in the Supreme court. He said, “SKM trashed our affidavit, if SKM government would have had read the affidavit and submitted it then this would not have happened”

In order of narration, Subba presented various Sikkim-India merger treaties, lighting thoughts on Article 371f.
He said, “We have given our country to the Union of India. Sikkim is a sensitive state, Delhi is just 2000 km away from Nathula. We became state under Article 2 of the Indian constitution also the small ‘f’ of the Article 371 gives us special provisions, but this particular tag of foreigners to the Nepalis community of Sikkim is threat to the identity of us.”

“SKM government is accountable for the mess, PS Tamang our chief minister already knew about the verdict. The CM, at one gathering had narrated same lines given in the judgement. Despite him knowing why didn’t he act?” questioned Subba.

Following the question and after levying the blames, SDF demanded resignation of the Chief Minister immediately, “Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang should leave his office” Subba concluded.

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