SDF allege state government and SEC for not complying to democratic factors conducting independent panchayat elections

Sikkim Democratic Front one day before the panchayat polls allege the SKM led state government and Sikkim election commission for not complying to the democratic factors conducting independent panchayat elections.

Addressing a presser here at gangtok, PD Rai, Senior Vice President, SDF stated that, “In 2020 SKM amended a rule, which says under the principle act after sec128 the following sections hall be instered 129- no persons shall constest election to any panchayat with the direct and indirect support of political party.”

Furthermore, Rai held Sikkim Election Commission incompitent, ” The Chief Election Commissioner is responsible, they should be the one who has to supervise whether the independent election principles are being complied.”

Rai further mentioned that they have failed to get any response for the two memorandum which was submitted by SDF, ” Earlier we have had submitted memorandum to the Election Commission. However, we have failed to get any response from the department.”

In the memorandum, we had detailed on how SKM party are not complying to free and fair election in independent panchayat polls. Sonam lama Minister visited GPUs in North Sikkim and during his tour he met with panchayat candidates and campaigned for them with the help of government agencies. Likewise, Basant Tamang visited Rimbi GPU campaigned for sabitri Rai one of the contestent and there are many such cases we have placed in the memorandum” Rai added

Following the process, Rai alleged that the SKM is not complying with ‘Free and fair elections, ” Is SKM in a position to continue in the office, are you fit to rule” Questioned Rai

Along with SKM govt PD Rai held Election Commission responsible, “Who is to be held responsible?. We condemn the way the elections are being conducted we demand that the chief election give in writing to the SDF party and deny what they have said and if they don’t then they have been practicing.”

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