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Political Activist Tsewang Rinzing Bhutia along with 26 other join SKM

Political Activist, Tsewang Rinzing Bhutia along with others joined Sikkim Krantikari Morcha, today, May 26, in the presence of GT Dhungel area MLA 25-Upper Tadong constituency.

On May 26,2022, Community meeting and Joining Programme was conducted at Simsar Hotel, Tadong.
The program was graced by the Area MLA GT Dhungel accompanied by Social Activist, Delay Barfungpa; Manoj Kumar Pradhan, Advisor to Labour Department; Nima KC, Anti Drug Activist; 15,16,17,18 Ward Councillors, Norbu Tamang, Milan Gautam, Tsewang Thendup Lepcha and Rubina Gurung, respectively; CLC President, Sonam Pintso Bhutia with other respected dignitaries.

Former SDF party CLC Social Media Activist, AronFormer SDF party CLC Social Media Activist, Aron Rai along with Political Activist, Tsewang Rinzing Bhutia and his supporters joined making a total 27 members who joined the SKM party today.

“SRC executive bodies, youth members of Tadong happily joined the party” a SKM release states.
The release further stated, “Aron Rai’s main reason to join the party was because of the progressive and positive work done by the SKM government, in addition he also stated that he shall utilise his ideas and work as a team to uplift the government. And shall contribute something to the Government as well as the State.”

The release further stated that Tsewang Rinzing Bhutia along with his team members will conduct a young voters meet, for the youth upliftment and also for the better tomorrow. “They shall also also work effectively and bring positive changes among youth and the society,” it added.

“Let’s work as a team, our government and especially our area MLA is doing a great job. We can see so many developments in Tadong constituency and I am very Grateful and honoured to have Shri GT Dhungel as our hon’ble Area MLA. We shall support him by every possible ways and as we are here to help our society and contribute something to the society. So I believe that in coming times our respected sir Shri GT Dhungel will help us in every ways” saidTsewang Rinzing Bhutia.

Tsewang Rinzing

Tsewang Rinzing Bhutia also stated the following in writing shortly after,

  1. Politics is not about a person or a party, it is about the work we do for the larger interest of the people. A person associated with electoral politics is successful as long as it serves the common objective of working for the citizen. So work is more important than idol worshipping.
  2. According to a political thinker Mahiavelli, there are two types of morality; personal and public. Once we are a part of politics, it is important to think about public morality more than personal morality. Our political culture has been more of self-glamorising which means taking care of the personal needs. As a party member it is important to think in terms of public morality meaning what is good for the larger public. Doing the right thing for the people must be prioritised above personal needs.
  3. In a multicultural society, it is significant for the party member to serve the needs of multiple sets of culture existing in a society. Therefore, it is important to respect the presence and need of the diverse community living in a State.
  4. ‘Consistency’ is very important in politics. It is the key to succeed in any sphere of life, including politics. If we continue to be consistent in delivering our duties to the public the result will be fruitful sooner or later. So be confident and determined
  5. Small things make a huge difference. It is not about addressing or focussing on the bigger agendas always. For the proper functioning of a state, micro level attention is equally important. If we are to be successful, we need to move ahead embracing everyone’s tiny little needs whether that be fixing a clogged kitchen sink, solving the water and electricity problems, building an educational institutions or catering to the needs of an aged old citizen.

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