International Rural Women’s Day; SDF Spokesperson shares message

Rural Women’s Day is celebrated with the sacred spirit of bringing rural women who are confined to domestic work to a place where they can play an important role in the family and society. Another major objective of celebrating this day is to help rural women in reducing poverty by making them participate in income-generating work apart from housework. According to the decision of the United Nations to celebrate this day on 18 December 2007, this day has been celebrated worldwide since 15 October 2008.

In order to fulfill the objectives of gender equality and women’s education, it is necessary to ensure equal access of women, especially rural women, to health, politics and every assembly of the state. Not for women’s empowerment efforts globally. Due to various movements, the United Nations was celebrating the 1975 United Nations Women’s Campaign. Similarly, the period from 1975 to 1985 was declared as the Women’s Decade and various manifestos were issued. According to the Millennium Development Goals from 2000 to 2015, efforts have been made for gender equality, promotion and empowerment of women.

The slogan of the International Rural Women’s Day 2022 is “Rural Women Cultivating Good Food for All”. Let us all come together and make Sikkim an exemplary Sikkim where rural women come forward in all fields like education, health, science, technology and politics and ensure their rights.

Bandhana Sharma
Sikkim Democratic Front

SC Bureau

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