HSP calls for a public parliament meet to discuss matters on Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Sikkim

Hamro Sikkim have called a meeting for Public to discuss matter on Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Sikkim.

Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) invited a presser here in Gangtok on October 14, 2022 to discuss a call for arms to the public in which a public parliament would be invoked to discuss matters on Sikkimese benefit. Here’s how the presser transpired:

Niknor Gurung says the notifications provided for the Panchayat elections are confusing and misleading. Says the lack of need of a COI to contest panchayat elections will cause the demography of the state to change. He requests the government to act upon rectifying the case before changes could happen. Also the rate of voters have significantly increased in the state, so the implication of ILP has become highly mandatory he says. Says ILP would put a check on the rapid growing voters rate in the state. He says that political parties, NGOs have been sent invitation for the meet on 16th, and hopes they will be present.

Biraj Adhikari, adds about the Panchayat Elections that they welcome the decision made by the government about the elections being contested individually and not influenced by political parties. Hopes that there wont be influence on candidates by parties behind the scenes. Hopes the people will get full benefit of the elections being conducted in this manner finally since the previous government had politicized the Panchayat Elections and had disrupted the peaceful environment in villages.

Tara Bhattarai who recently joined HSP from Sikkim Sangram Parishad Party addresses the confusion about the two parties, whether one of them have merged with the other. He says neither of them have merged into another but since they shared the same vision and goal i.e carrying on the legacy of Late N.B Bhandari, the two parties have decided to come together as one.

Says on the day of the Public Parliament meet, everyone should keep politics at bay and come together as one for the benefit of the state. Says it is important that people know about ILP and how it helps control the influx of non-Sikkimese people who become a burden to the state.

Bhaichung Bhutia says ILP is the Sikkim’s need of the hour. Main reasons being the change in demography which could be drastic in a span of a couple of decades, it would then lead to Sikkimese people losing a lot of benefits.

Another reason being the liniency of the current CM. Bhaichung says the CM let one nation one ration card scheme get implimented, and in terms of issues of Sikkim, the CM has not made any demands to the central government.

Bhaichung says that in current times, the growth of crimes, drug abuse has involved outsiders (Non- Sikkimese) which will be controlled by the implication of ILP. Says ILP will not affect foreign workers, tourists but it will keep a check on the few that have wrong intentions and most importantly a database will be formed about the incoming and outgoing people in the state, which we do not have right now.

Bhaichung says they had requested the CM to propose memorandum to the Home Minister on ILP but it did not happen but rather, during the visit when HSP put up a hoarding about the topic for Amit Shah to see, it was replaced the next day with a hoarding of the CM and Amit Shah.

Bhaichung mentions that the rate of voters in Sikkim in 2019 was 18% more than what it was in the prior election i.e 2014 while the rate of fertility in the state is one of the lowest across the nation and adds that this is how the demography is going to change. He also spoke about the two protesters, at Jantar Mantar, Delhi who were against 371F not being applicable in Sikkim. He says that there were no records of them either.

Bhaichung also mentions how ILP in Sikkim is an improvement in terms of National Security. He thinks that our state which is surrounded by three different countries is in a vulnerable situation. Says that Sikkim requires ILP more than any other state in India.

Lastly he pleads and urges Sikkimese people to come together as one, to rise above politics to tackle a greater issue and attend the Public Parliament meet on October 16th 2022 at Adampool, Gangtok.

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