Chief Minister PS Tamang speaks on the state’s stand on MCX issue; welcomes the step taken by BJP, Sikkim

Chief Minister PS Tamang inaugurated the District Administrative Centre of new Pakyong District in East Sikkim, earlier today. After the inauguration CM stayed for an interaction with the press and media of the state, in that session, while being asked about the BJP’s FIR and the demand to bring in an investigation from the CBI, he addressed the issue. Talking about the issue, the CM reiterated what he had already said in a previous speech, saying “the moment we got to know through social media, via the story by The Hindu on this Multi Commodity Exchange issue, we directed the state vigilance to investigate the issue, and the vigilance is enquiring about the issue, the investigation is going on.”

Also addressing different rebuttals that came with the premise that State Vigilance doesn’t have the tools or the jurisdiction to investigate the issue CM said, “We (Sikkim Government) have already directed the vigilance to gather intel and to enquire the concerned areas. We have also directed the ED (Enforcement Directorate) to investigate the issue, and we are still waiting on the result of the investigation, which will give us the total information on the issue.”

The CM addressed the issue of locals from Sikkim who have been used as proxy carriers and called it a mistake, a euphemism for crime while still not verbally convicting the proxies before the authorities, namely State Vigilance and ED gather concrete intel and “total information” before jumping into conclusion and assured that a sturdy legal procession would follow after collection of all the intel. “Whoever has made this mistake (of being proxies to businessmen from outside the state); if this is a mistake or not, we still are to figure out and know for sure, but if this is a deliberate blunder then we will prosecute these people and punish them with a thorough and sturdy legal procedure,” CM said.

CM also addressed the BJP FIR that was lodged yesterday demanding a clear path to be made for CBI to enter Sikkim to go forward with investigating this multi-billion-dollar scandal. He said that he “welcomed this step from the state BJP, which was taken in the interest and wellbeing of the state.” CM also added that the state government had already taken precise steps involving the vigilance and the central government.

“I welcome the step by BJP, Sikkim, which they took pertaining to Sikkim’s wellbeing and in the interest of the state, but the state government had already taken the necessary steps involving the state vigilance that is in correspondence with the necessary agencies to be involved,” the CM said. “I have also already held talks with the Central government regarding this issue,” he concluded.

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