BJP Demands State Government to hand MCX matter over to CBI; Party soon to write a letter to Finance Ministry

“BJP demands that the Sikkim state government hand over the matter to the CBI as soon as possible; the party will soon write a letter to the Central Ministry of Finance” : BJP Sikkim

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Sikkim, through a press statement has demanded the state government to hand over the $6B (45,000 CR) MCX scam case to either Enforcement Directorate or the CBI. The stamement says that BJP Sikkim, “has taken serious note of the multi-billion rupee scam in the MCX, a burning issue of the state at present.”

The multi-commodity exchange (MCX), which was unveiled by the national media a few days ago, has raised a staggering Rs 45,000 crore in a single month in the name of the state of Sikkim. With such a large amount of money being traded on the MCX from a sparsely populated state like Sikkim and the state government’s finance department as well as the finance minister not aware of the matter, suspicions are being raised that a big conspiracy could follow. According to the data, the state of Sikkim has seen an unexpected increase in investment in MCX since September 2020. On the other hand, the fact that such a large investment has not been noticed by the state government and the finance department for almost a year and a half has raised many doubts.

The statement said, “Despite the state government’s announcement a probe by the state vigilance department a few days ago, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said that a proper probe into the issue, which is so large and rooted in Sikkim and other parts of the country, would be possible only through CBI or ED.”
“Therefore, the BJP demands that the Sikkim state government hand over the matter to the CBI as soon as possible. In this regard, the party will soon write a letter to the Central Ministry of Finance and the investigating agencies to draw their attention to this and take decisive steps to make this sensitive issue clear to the people of Sikkim,” the statement further read.

BJP accused the state’s ruling SKM party of not fulfilling its promises, which made the premise for their win in the 2019 SLA elections, the party said that SKM has been demanding transparency in the state and the CBI to eradicate corruption since its inception and has repeatedly mentioned the issue in its election manifestos. However, three years after the formation of the government, the SKM party has not fulfilled its promise.
“The BJP, therefore, reminded the Sikkim state government of its promise to bring in the CBI as soon as possible to investigate corruption in the state and curb economic crime,” the statement insinuated.

“Without transparency and discipline in any government, the people will suffer. Therefore, the SKM party, which has been struggling for a long time, takes the wishes and aspirations of the people of Sikkim seriously and suggests BJP Sikkim to take immediate steps to ensure a transparent system and curb economic crime,” BJP’s statement concluded.

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