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Bisleri International Pvt Ltd challenges ban on two-liter water bottles in Sikkim High Court

Bisleri International Pvt Ltd has challenged the ban on water bottles below two litres by the Sikkim government in the

Is Climate Change what is causing unprecedented rain and snowfall in Sikkim?

Indian Metrological Department, Government of India, issued a warning on the 7 February 2022, that there would be rainfall on

Core expert committee formed to work for 12 left-out communities

A meeting of the 12 left out communities was held on the February 3, 2022. The meeting, chaired by TN

16 Year old sexually assaulted at East Sikkim: Accused arrested and booked under POCSO Act 2012

One 16 year-old girl sexually assaulted at East Sikkim on Monday,  February 7, 2022.  According to police report, “A written

Sikkim Wildlife Protection (amendment) Act 2018 withdrawn, Minister clarifies

The Forest Minister of Sikkim, Karma Loday Bhutia informed the State Legislative Assembly on January 28 that the Department of

Will Hamro Sikkim Party and Sikkim Sangram Parishad form alliance in future?

Hamro Sikkim Party in a press release brought into public light that inceptive talks between HSP and Sikkim Sangram Parishad

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