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16 Year old sexually assaulted at East Sikkim: Accused arrested and booked under POCSO Act 2012

One 16 year-old girl sexually assaulted at East Sikkim on Monday,  February 7, 2022. 

According to police report, “A written FIR was received on Tuesday, 6:44 pm filed by the victim’s uncle. It was informed that the victim had gone to her tuitions, after which the victim informed her family that she would go to her friend’s house for a sleepover and return home the next morning.”

“ After she didn’t return and after failing to contact her friend, the family started looking for her. She was found, wherein she revealed that she was sexually assaulted the night before.” addded the report  

Further, the victim was medically examined at the nearest district hospital, after which the relevant samples were collected from the concerned medical officer and handed over to the concerned CWC member along with the victim after her statement was recorded.

The alleged Dhiren Chettri has been taken into police custody and has been booked under section 04 OF POCSO ACT, R/W SEC. 376 IPC

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