Will Hamro Sikkim Party and Sikkim Sangram Parishad form alliance in future?

Hamro Sikkim Party in a press release brought into public light that inceptive talks between HSP and Sikkim Sangram Parishad (SSP)were taking place regarding a formation of alliance between the two parties. This conceptualized alliance has been said to be in the talks, observing the “deteriorating politics of Sikkim.”
Bhaichung Bhutia Working President in the press statement stated that, “It was wonderful meeting Ms Primula Bhandari, daughter of late Nar Bhadhur Bhandari (ex CM) and discuss the deteriorating politics of Sikkim. People of Sikkim are looking for new clean politics and politicians”.

“We felt that Hamro Sikkim and Sikkim Sangram Parishad which has the legacy of late NB Bhandari should work together for the betterment of Sikkim. Hamro Sikkim is a party for the youth and always fought for clean and new politics. Bhandari never compromised on Sikkim issues and welfare of the Sikkimese people.”
“We have agreed for our President and senior party leaders to meet soon and discuss for both the parties to take further discourse for the larger good” he added.
Speaking with Sikkim Chronicle, HSP President Bina Basnett elucidating on the matter saying that the talks have been initiated by the working president seeing the present scenario of politics in Sikkim. This budding idea, still in the works, encompasses the main issue of betterment of the state.
Basnett also shared that this idea and action plan wasn’t going to crystallize just by the industry of a single party worker, but has to be a collective decision from the party itself.
“Talks have been initiated by our working president Bhaichung Bhutia, seeing the current political situation in Sikkim, and with the idea of good parties coming together for the betterment of Sikkimese politics,” said Basnett
Furthermore, she stated that, “We are in the process of taking inputs from all our party workers, members, senior leaders, and it is all under the process, a formal meeting hasn’t yet happened with the president, it is all in the works.”
“This idea of an alliance isn’t seeing the 2024 elections, but this is for good parties that work for the betterment of Sikkim to come together and work on issues that circumscribe everything from development, sensitive issues, education, health, electricity, roads, etc.,”
“The SSP is a party that has a legacy of working for the welfare of Sikkim, and HSP is also a party that shares the same kind of vision, and we have been working on the same kind of issues. So, the combination of the two would hopefully breed a clean and new politics in Sikkim, with everyone working with a vision of having clean politics and better welfare of Sikkim,” she added.

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