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After private companies, SPYF demands hike in wage of state dept PWD workers

Sikkim Progressive Youth Fourm have once again put forward it’s demand on increase in wage of Public Works Department workers under the state department.

Sikkim government, this year through government notification, notified private companies to increase its minimum wage to Rs 15000, abiding by the notification, private companies increased its wage to Rs 15000 per month.

Following to the increase in wage of casual workers of private companies, SPYF have stressed that along with private companies the wage of PWD workers also should be increased, “The minimum wage of the PWD workers also should be increased, they are still under paid by the government” SPYF

Addressing a presser here at capital, Rupen Karki of SPYF stated that, “Until and unless the minimum wage of all workers are increased we will keep on raising our voices for them”

“In 2019 general election Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party had assured the workers of increasing wages upto ₹20,000, but after the party won the elections and came into power they forgot everything, instead when the workers started demanding of increase in wage the party in return tried to supress the protests and voices raised against them”said Karki

Karki also informed that SPYF visited the Roads and Bridges department to enquire, ” Members of SPYF visited Roads and Bridges department’s secretary to enquire on the rise of wage of PWD workers. Secretary directed us to Finance department. Again we visited the Finance department but it seemed like the department is not serious and no steps are being taken”

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