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Yapchung Kazi “radio man” of Sikkim continues to inspire with his commitment to traditional media forms

In a world where digital media has taken over, there are still those who remain committed to the power of traditional media forms, such as radio. Meet Yapchung Kazi, also known as the “radio man,” who revolutionized the radio industry in Gangtok, Sikkim.

With over four decades of experience in the radio industry, Yapchung Kazi’s dedication to his craft is unmatched. He began his career at Kurseong radio in 1962 before being transferred to All India Radio, Gangtok, in 1982, where he served as a radio jockey for an impressive 42 years. Even after his retirement in 2000, he continues to be revered by the people of Sikkim for his contributions to both radio and television, including his work on agriculture-based programs on Doordarshan Gangtok, where he started working in 2005.

What’s truly remarkable about Yapchung Kazi is his commitment to his community, despite the rise of digital media. With heavy dedication and six months of immense pressure and sleepless nights, he even created his own manuscript with the help of Tibetan notes, and later developed a shorthand for it.

When asked about his thoughts on the present-day media landscape compared to the olden days, he noted that while information gathering is more liberal and easily accessible, there’s still something special about traditional forms of media, like radio.

Interestingly, Yapchung Kazi’s name “Abha” comes from his Bhutia origin. He hoped that his name would prevent hurting the sentiments of the Nepali people for his lack of fluency in the language.

Yapchung Kazi’s unwavering commitment to his craft and community serves as an inspiration for those who value traditional forms of media and the power of communication.

By Aishwariya Rajalakshmi Shah. The author is a student under the Department of Mass Communication at SRM University Sikkim. She can be contacted at

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