“We vehemently condemn the use of abusive and unparliamentary language by Sonam Lama”; Sikkimay Nagarik Samaj

Press ReleaseThe obscenities manifested by Sonam Lama, Sangha MLA towards social activists and politicians in a meeting attended by Chief Minister has brought disgrace and dishonour to the pious institute of “SANGHA”.

The silence of Chief Minister seeing his cabinet minister wearing monastic robe and hurling streams of billingsgate has further caused immense pain not only to Buddhist followers but to the entire Sikkimese people. Sangha being a part of TRIRATNA comprising the Buddha and Dharma holds significant importance in the life of people as it is not just a religious institution but a ‘way of life’.

However, the Sangha MLA who is given the responsibility to uphold the sanctity of Sangha didn’t even flinched a second before uttering such filthy,abusive and un- parliamentary language and didn’t even bother about the enormous responsibility and prominence his position holds.

The wisdom of compassion, a basic way of life for a common practitioner remains elusive from the person who was supposed to lead and guide as a political representative of Sangha. His misconduct has deeply hurt the sentiments of Sangha community around the world.Thus, Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj vehemently condemns the use of abusive and unparliamentary language by Sonam Lama.

We appeal cross section of Sikkimese society to condemn such behaviour from an individual holding constitutional post. We further demand that he should publicly apologise for his misconduct to upkeep the sanctity of the sacred institute of Sangha.Furthermore, as far as the rampant selling of government properties to private firm and individuals on PPP mode is concerned, the lies of state government is already exposed in front of Sikkimese people.

Therefore, If SKM government is sincere towards people; they should immediately stop all the PPP projects and initiate a dialogue with various stakeholders and individuals to reach an inclusive decision to create something that is in the interests of Sikkim and its people.

Passang Sherpa

General Secretary

Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj

SC Desk

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