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Suspension order of Gynaecologist Dr. Parasmani Karki alleged of negligence revoked

The suspension order of Gynaecologist Dr Parasmani Karki who was alleged of the negligence leading to the death of a pregnant woman has been revoked today, reads the order.

On January 14 the family members of the deceased had alleged the doctor of severe negligence which led to the death of a pregnant woman at STNM hospital.

The 37 old pregnant women was brought at STNM hospital for medical attention and later she had developed a pain back on January 13.

On conducting ultrasound it was found that the baby inside her womb had no heartbeat following which she was admitted at the hospital for a surgery.
The surgery was delayed due to absence of Dr Parasmani Karki.

Dr Parasmani Karki arrived in the morning of January 14 and after the surgery the pregnant woman was declared dead.

On January 15 Sonam Gyatso Lepcha, the husband of the deceased alleged negligence and said “Due to medical emergency of my pregnant wife we had come to consult the doctor. However due to the absence of the doctor, the nurse on duty asked us to proceed for the the ultrasound in the ground floor. After waiting long ultrasound was conducted and we were informed the baby has no heartbeat. Worryingly, we immediately admitted her in the Gyane ward”

He further added, “My wife had to undergo surgery but the doctor who was suppose to perform was not in the hospital. We approached the nurses to inform the doctor but despite informing he only arrived in the morning of January 14 after which my wife underwent the surgery and later after the surgery she was declared dead”

After all the media reports and enquiry Dr. Parasmani Karki was suspended by the state government on January 15. The order of his suspension read that the disciplinary proceeding against Dr. Parasmani Karki, Senior Consultant (Gynaecologist), STNM Hospital, Sochakgang under Family Welfare Department is contemplated.”

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