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Stepfather accused of sexual assault in South Sikkim: booked under section 376 IPC

One 53 years old step father has been accused of raping his 22 years old step daughter at South Sikkim since one and half years

According to the police report, “one written FIR was received from one 45 years old (father of the victim) stating that his 22 years old daughter has been living with her mother and her step father at his house since November 2020 (one and half years) at South Sikkim on March 4 between 1100-1200 hrs in which the complainant received a call from the medical office of Rangpo P.H.C. Wherein she requested him to immediately come to Rangpo P.H.C (.) On reaching Rangpo P.H.C it was found that his daughter was pregnant and admitted in the labour room.”

“Therafter upon enquiry the victim ( his daughter) revealed that her step father had been raping her on multiple occasion when her mother was not home since one and half year”

“Furthermore, She revealed that the new born baby girl’s biological father is the alleged stepfather” Added the statement

In the process the alleged 53 years old step father has been arrested and booked under section 376 IPC

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