State Tennis Ball Cricket Association established at Sikkim under the banner of Indian Tennis Ball Cricket Federation

Under the banner of Tennis Ball Cricket Federation recognised by Ministry of youths affairs and sports government of India; the centre government has established Sikkim State Tennis Ball Cricket Association with the regional office placed in Ganesh Mandir, Development Area, Gangtok.

The reason for establishing this association is to give the youth from Sikkim a platform to show the world their talents and compete with the rest of the country. Sikkim was the only northeastern state to not have the association established up till date.

Purna Bahadur Chettri President and Amita Thapa General Secretary representing our state wish to give our talented youth mainly from villages a path to showcase their capabilities and have a chance at making it to the national level.

Following to which the Association is holding a sub junior national tennis ball cricket championship for under-17
boys/girls at KD Singh, Barabanki, UP from 16h to 19th Dec 2021. Certificates will be issued by Youth and Sports Affairs Gov. Of India which further shall provide 2% lenience in jobs from the central government

Atahar Alam Vice President of Tennis Ball Cricket Federation of India organising a presser today at Gangtok stated that, “We want the kids to learn and represent the country on state , national and international levels, this will benefit the children in two ways; one the certificate will help them in getting government jobs and second it will teach them about their countries indigenous sport. This step will help in the development of Sikkim in the platform of sports as well”

Imran Maldhari General Secretary of Tennis Ball Cricket Federation said “Kids on their early stages start by playing tennis and then later on begin to pursue cricket as a sport like many great players such as Sachin and Dhoni who also began their careers by learning tennis. Both these sports are injury free and the chances of getting hurt is very rare. This is what I call a budget sport where money doesn’t play a big part in learning and playing the game, all one needs is a bat and ball”.

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