SPYF: We condemn the cowardly act of assaulting a citizen just for criticizing the Government

Horrifying news of physical assault on Arun Limboo, a student of Sikkim University, who has been vocal against the wrongdoings of the Govt came from Namphing South Sikkim. The assault was led allegedly by a local youth leader of the ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party. According to the victim Arun Limboo, a group of over a dozen youth came to his house in broad daylight and attacked him physically, when his family members came to his defence they were also attacked by the assaulters.
This is not the first time, the ruling party has tried to use terror to muffle the voice of those who are not ready to fall in line in their diktats. Sometimes, the ruling party uses goons under the garb of associations, sometimes it uses police, sometimes it uses administration, all just to suppress any kind of dissent in the state to create an atmosphere of fear in the society. A few days back, the ruling party used its women karyakarta to burn an effigy of Bhaichung Bhutia in the middle of the lockdown just because he criticized a decision of the ruling party. A few months back, the police were sent in the middle of the night to arrest students of Geyzing College in uniform. In October last year, the ruling party sent a mob to disrupt a peaceful Dharna of SPYF at the designated place for Dharna in the capital. A year back, the spokesperson of the opposition SDF party was attacked in broad daylight near its party office.

Use of police and law to harass the dissenters has been going unabated. The trend of the ruling party to muzzle the voice of dissent is going on dangerously. No one is safe in Sikkim. It is Arun Limboo today, and it could be anyone tomorrow.
SPYF condemns the cowardly act of assaulting a citizen just for criticizing the Govt. We demand the immediate arrest of those involved behind attacking Mr Limboo. The criminals involved must be behind the bar at the earliest.

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