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SPYF: ONORC scheme is not in the interest of bonafide Sikkimese

The Chief Minister of Sikkim Mr PS Golay, immediately after returning from a NE level meeting with the HM Mr Amit Shah, launched a very controversial scheme of the central Govt- One Nation One Ration Card (ONOR). Even some of the BJP ruled states like Assam have not implemented this scheme in their states. SKM after coming to the power in Sikkim is acting as an organizational wing of BJP in the centre implementing every law on the behest of the central party. The chief minister is often seen donning the saffron party’s dress codes in various events of the central party. At times it becomes very difficult to distinguish whether he is the elected CM by the people of Sikkim or an ordinary party worker of BJP.

Probably, the fear of losing power haunts him as it has been felt that ever since the SDF MLAs shifting their allegiance to the BJP, the ruling SKM often finds itself on the backfoot. It is an open secret that Golay could become the CM only in the mercy of the ruling BJP as he had spent a year in jail after he was convicted in a corruption charge. Ever since then the ruling SKM has been compromising on the unique identity of Sikkim one after another. First, it gave two crucial BL seats to the BJP in the bye-elections. He has been giving blind support to everything and anything the central BJP does. ONOR is one of them.

However, there is one thing the ruling SKM is doing independently. The stifling the voice- sometimes by jailing students in uniform, sometimes by expelling students in college, sometimes by using goons to physically assault those who criticise Govt, sometimes using its party wing to terror the dissenters by protesting and burning effigy even during the lockdown, sometimes arbitrarily arresting activists, organizational members, and opposition party workers etc. Its IT cell on social does the rest by character assassinating anyone who dissents.

Without going into the merit of the scheme ONOR on pan-India basis, one thing is for certain the ONOR has no benefit to the bonafide Sikkimese. It is very unlikely for the Sikkimese BPL to work as migrant labour outside Sikkim, so the basic advantage the ONOR offers has no benefit to the beneficiaries of ONOR of Sikkim. However, what the implementation of the scheme in Sikkim will do is it paves the way for the migrant workers working in Sikkim to start settling along with their families in the long run. The workers of other state who come alone here for works may start to bring their family along as the subsidised ration will be easily available to them. As the overall condition of Sikkim is better as compared to densely populated areas of other states where the workers belong, Sikkim will become an attractive place for them to migrate and settle. Soon we may find the people from outside residing as tenants in villages as agricultural labourers or constructional labourers in villages. 

Although, unlike power plants and factories in the state which benefit only the creamy echelon of the country, this scheme will benefit the poor migrant workers mostly the risk of potential change in the demography cannot be overlooked.

In conclusion, what can be said is that the scheme is not in the interest of bonafide Sikkimese. No Sikkimese would have wanted this scheme to be implemented in Sikkim. The scheme has been implemented surely to please the alliance partner and the master of SKM party in Delhi. 

The SKM party has been compromising with the unique status of Sikkim one after another. In the desperate attempt to protect his throne the CM Golay has been giving a toss to the interest of Sikkimese and putting a grave threat to the future of Sikkim. Concurrently, he has left no stone unturned to muffle the voice of anyone who speaks against his monopoly and misrule.

We appeal to the people of Sikkim not to maintain silence on the matter concerning the overall interest of Sikkim. This Govt has proved time and again that it cannot be trusted. In its attempt of saving its power, it has shown time and again that it can stoop to any level. Those enjoying the pelf of power must not forget in their arrogance that they will not be in power forever. Under the intoxication of power and arrogance, they must not sell the interest of Sikkim permanently.

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