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Soreng to get a new urban Community and Training Centre

On the auspicious occasion of Vishwa Shanti Puja, the Rural Development Department (RDD) organized the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Rurban Community Complex and Training Centre at Pega Gaon under the Soreng subdivision, on September 21. The ceremony was performed by the  MLA cum Chairman PAC Aditya Golay. Joining him for the ceremony were ADC (Dev -Soreng), Shri Gayas Pega, SDM (Soreng), Ranjan Rai, Additional Chief Engineer (RDD), Rinzing Dorjee Gyalchen, SDPO (Soreng), Mahendra Pradhan, BDO (Soreng),  Sabina Limbu, D.E and Architecture (RDD), Chairpersons and Advisors of the Government of Sikkim along with the line department Officials, Ward Panchayats, and local gentry.The ADC (Dev- Soreng) on behalf of the Department gave a brief description of the importance of the upcoming project and how it will benefit the local community. He said that the schemes under Rurban will also facilitate Center-approved Urban area policies for the rural population, adding on to the existing Rural Area Schemes. He was thankful towards the MLA for it was his persistence to carry out the re-surveying of the allotted land. He gave brief details on the existing plans of redevelopment as per the New- District formation plans. He guaranteed all the required support and assistance from the concerned department for faster completion of the project. He also thanked the landowner, Ratan Pega, for contributing the land.Rinzing Dorjee Gyalsten gave in-depth information on the technical aspects of the project. He said the structure is being constructed on about 1.5 hectares of land, which will facilitate all the basic needs for the public. He thanked the Chief Minister for being the pillar of strength and for supporting every decision made by the department. Likewise, he informed that this scheme is a flagship program of the Government of India that will cater to the rural core of the region. Furthermore, he ended his speech by urging co-operation from all the stakeholders, policymakers along with the appointed contractor for faster completion of the project.The program was then addressed by the MLA. He firstly extended his warmest greetings to the attendees while congratulating everyone for achieving the milestone. He expressed his gratitude towards the local community for being able to bring such developments and that it will be the founding base for growth and progression in and around the area. Likewise, he also thanked all the line departments for being patient enough to do the re-surveying of the proposed land. “The Government acceptance to re-consider the purveyance of the land without any objection shows that they are sincere towards their efforts in development of the area.” he quoted. He reiterated that public convenience is of utmost importance and that the Government would not leave any stone unturned to deliver what has been assured. He highlighted the fact that the Officials from developed areas where they have better infrastructures for amusement purpose will prefer to have recreational activity facilities. He suggested that such recreational facilities such as parks and better playgrounds will add an advantage while sustaining the outstation officials. He informed that with the up-gradation of infrastructure and facilities there will be a rise in tourist inflow which will lead to more financial stability for the locals but problems such as traffic congestion will be inevitable, thus proper township planning is a must.Further MLA Aditya Golay  showed his gratitude to the Chief Minister for his consistent support and guidance. Under the new district up gradation, Soreng will be an educational hub and will have better tourism prospects, he added. “Ours is a very small and compact society. Thus, we have to move forward as a whole while keeping aside our different personal and political views.” he concluded.

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