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Sneha Tamang to represent Sikkim in Miss Tamang World 2023

Sneha Tamang from Soreng to participate in Miss Tamang World 2023

Miss Tamang-World is an international pageant, that progresses attempts to search, preserve, and promote Tamang talents, art, culture, traditions, music and literature.

“Embracing the changes of time and modernization, the Tamang’s have been migrating to different parts of the world, although we live in various regions of the world, our language, culture, arts and tradition are the same. Thus the motive of Miss Tamang world is to unite, connect, and share a global Tamang community.” The pageant organizers share.

Previously the same title was bagged by Sang Doma Tamang from Syari, who became Miss Tamang World 2022.

The auditions for Miss Tamang World were held on January 3 for Nepal and on January 5 for India where I gave my audition and successfully got short listed for Miss Tamang World,” Sneha told Sikkim Chronicle.

Sneha is the winner of Miss Teen Sikkim 2022 and also the subtitle holder of Miss Teen Sikkim (FASHION ICON).

“The training venue is at Nepal house, Balwatar, Kathmandu where we will be training for atleast a month and the grand finale is taking place on 11th of Feb at (Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Siliguri, India).” She added.

The 18 year old belongs from Soreng, Singling, West Sikkim.

She spoke about how she overcame her past insecurities and made her place somewhere she aspired to be since she was 11. “To be very honest, growing up as a child I had very self low esteem but over the years I worked on myself and started accepting myself as I am and finding myself in the place I wanted to be 7 years ago.”

She added, “it is a really huge progression I’ve made so far. Now I’m one of the contestants of Miss Tamang World, and this is where I find myself starting my whole journey once again but this time as a strong woman who keeps faith in herself and believes that you are never too experienced to learn something new.

“Keeping the winning and failure aside what’s most important is experiencing new things, besides we are learners and I’m learning from each and everything going on in my daily life and I think people should never regret the mistakes that they’ve made as we learn from our mistakes aswell.” The 18 year old shared some of her wisdom.

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