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SKM govt has completely destroyed Sikkim’s economy, State budget diverted to private projects: Chamling

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Pawan Chamling expresses his deep anguish over the unfortunate quarrel at the Jorethang irrigation office among some youth. He says it is an unfortunate advertisement of how the SKM government has misguided the youth of Sikkim. It shows that this visionless and corrupt government has snatched everything from the people of Sikkim and leave them to fight among themselves.

“ Q. A chilling video of youth attacking one another at the Jorethang Irrigation office is doing the rounds on social media. Some young women were seen complaining about being disallowed to enter the office. This all happened as they were trying to submit their bids in a tender floated by the Water Resource and River Development Department, Government of Sikkim. What is happening in Sikkim?

Ans.The disturbing video of a few of our Sikkimese youth assaulting other youth is the external sign of Sikkim’s administration failing under this visionless and corrupt government. This sad visual is an unfortunate advertisement of how our youth have been misguided by this government. It is evidence of how this government has snatched everything from our people. The outside world is looking at us and pitying us. We have become a pathetic community. Let me explain why this is happening here.

The SKM government has completely destroyed Sikkim’s economy. The state budget has been completely diverted to private projects run by non-Sikkimese businesspersons and companies who are the business partners of the Chief Minister PS Goley and some of his colleagues. I have been trying to alert the Sikkimese intellectuals and general public about how the SKM government has allocated thousands of crores for private projects like a five star hotel at the old West Point School compound, a shopping mall at the Old STNM hospital, a private university at Chakhung, a cancer hospital in Karfectar and so on. All these projects belong to private companies. Other government contractual works have also been given to the Chief Minister’s partners from outside. I heard that one contractor has been given a contract of Rs 10 thousand crore. When all Sikkim’s budget has been diverted to his partners’ projects, there is obviously no money left for the common people of Sikkim. The SKM government is floating minor tenders here and there as an eyewash to distract the unemployed youth. Remember, the rural economy is dead. There is no money in the villages. The thing has come to such a pass that many households and youth have not had any income for the last three and a half years. The people are helpless. Youth want income but they don’t have any. This cruel SKM government is watching youth fighting over tenders. It is like somebody throwing a piece of meat to hungry wolves and watching while they fight over it. This is an unbearable humiliation for our people. We should not tolerate it. I was shocked to see that a few young ladies were not allowed to enter the office in Jorethang. The Jungle Raj has started in Sikkim. The People are being treated like outcasts.

Those who are receiving a monthly salary from the government and those who are directly receiving money from the Chief Minister and his family do not feel the impact of Sikkim’s failing economy. Please know that Sikkim’s economy is totally dead. We will soon realise it. Sikkim’s budget is not with the Sikkim government. It is with the SKM party. The Sikkimese economy is like a pandal made up of colourful clothes. When you carefully observe, it has just been made to look beautiful on the outside. There is an emptiness inside and behind it. Sikkim is heading towards a massive economic catastrophe.

What happened in the Jorethang Irrigation office will not be the last event. This cruel government will continue to make our youth fight. This corrupt Chief Minister will continue to distract youth over a few thousand rupees and siphon Sikkim’s budget which was meant for Sikkim’s development. He has created a situation in Sikkim where the people are compelled to depend upon his mercy. The people’s government has been hijacked. The people’s rights and privileges have been suspended. Everybody has to surrender to his party for any kind of help. He is stealing the government’s property and the people’s property with one hand and with another hand he is throwing a small portion of that stolen property to the people as if it is his personal inheritance. This is the sad situation of Sikkim.

Only the people can save Sikkim from this Jungle Raj. I appeal to all to unite against this evil leadership and restore Sikkim’s past glory and dignity. Together we can.”

Bishnu Dulal

General Secy., Press & Publicity Affairs



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