SKM coordination meeting held at Pakyong: 452 families joins SKM leaving SDF

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha held its coordination meeting for Gnathang Machong Constituency at Pakyong. The meeting was chaired by Minister Arun Upreti and graced by MLA/Advisor Bishnu Psd. Sharma, MLA/Advisor  Em Psd. Sharma, Political Secretary to CM Jacob Khaling, Confidential Secretary Bikash Basnet, Gen Sec(HQ) Pawan Gurung, Area Incharge Tshering Bhutia, OSD to CM Bhanu Pradhan, Youth Chief Convenor Sahadev Sharma, Advisors, Chairpersons and representatives of CEC, CLC, Zonal Members. 

The meeting started with presentation of mementos and Abhinandan to Chief Guest and dignitaries. Earlier before start of the meeting, the Chief Guest and other dignitaries graced the opening of Zone-2 party at Machong road, Pakyong Bazaar. 

During the event, SDF renowned social media face  Tenzing Bhutia (popularly known as DJ Bolo) formally joined SKM Party. In total 452 families joined to SKM party leaving the opposition front SDF party which includes 20 sitting panchayats, 2 zilla members, 2 ex zillas, 1 ex panchayat and prominent members of SDF party. 

On his joining speech, DJ bolo stated that he inspired to join SKM party by seeing humbleness and down to earth behaviour of CM PS Golay. He said that there is no any respect to hard-working party cadre in SDF party. During SDF tenure, official residence of Chief Minister was only opened for elite people but SKM leader  has kept official residence’s door open for poor and needy people. In 25 years Chamling celebrated his birthday in Mintokgang only with reputed people only, but today it is sad to see that now he thinks to celebrate his birthday with party workers. 

Pawan Gurung (GS HQ) highlighted party’s activities and future action of plans initiated by the Party President to strengthen the party. 

On his address Area Incharge Tshering Bhutia  stressed that though SKM couldn’t win Gnathang Machong constituency in 2019 but the government under the leadership of CM PS Golay had never deprived for development of this constituency. He said that on 2024 Gnathang Machong will be won by SKM party with landslide margin. 

Political Secretary to CM Jacob Khaling during his address to the gathering expressed that due to COVID pandemic, SKM party couldn’t conduct public meeting for almost 2 years but now gradually we have started strengthening our party as well as to tell government’s initiatives to the people. Also, we have started gathering grievances from grassroots. He stated that SKM party was formed back in 2009 to eradicate communalism and caste ism thoughts established by SDF party. Now, under the leadership of CM  PS Golay we have succeeded to establish communal harmony in Sikkim.

This party is not to favour single person or single family, but we are here for welfare of Sikkim without any discrimination in name of demography. We have a leader who teaches us to struggle everyday working for upliftment of the people, also we believe in inclusive politics that’s the reason we are welcoming new members with open heart. Frustrated SDF party spread various rumours against SKM after formation of our government just to show their presence, but those rumours never got proven as a result now all SDF members are now joining SKM party. We have come up with the best policy for adhoc teachers but SDF tried to misguide some teachers endangering job regularization of 8000 teachers. After the majority of teachers supported our new policy, our government has implemented new policy of adhoc teachers where teachers will be eligible for regularization after 8 years of service, there will be no salary breakups in holiday, there will be no hassles for every year renewal. 

Delivering his speech MLA  Em Prasad Sharma acknowledged  PS Golay for initiating Pakyong as new district. This is major development for Namcheybong, Chujachen, Rhenock and Gnathang Machong Constituency. Though Gnathang Machong constituency couldn’t win in 2019, but government is fully committed in the development of this constituency. He being  an elected member will never step back to address issues of Gnathang Machong in legislative and will equally address public issues towards the government. MLA also suggested party workers to conduct series of GPU level meetings with the concern public to address their issues. Janata of Gnathang Machong should never feel deprived as CM PS Golay is there to oversee this constituency and committed for overall development and safeguarding the people of this constituency. 

Minister Arun Upreti on address placed various developmental activities initiated by the SKM government under the leadership of PS Golay. He stated that SKM is only party which believes in upliftment of poor and downtrodden people of Sikkim, SDF named them-self as party to work for poor people but for 25 years people living under poverty line never got uplifted. On behalf of SKM party he welcomes all new members to the party stating that we don’t believe in new and old workers, all our workers are equal in SKM family. During SDF tenure they used to conduct their joining in lure of money, offering benefits, but at other side people are joining to SKM party without any conditions. They are simply attracted to SKM by its leadership’s commitment and developments delivered to the people of Sikkim in two years of our good governance. He also appeals people to stay away from political rumours spread by SDF party, our leader is working day and night in coordination with central government to address pending political issues of Sikkim as well as for the overall development of the state.

He also summarizes about our priority developments in healthcare, education, infrastructure, agriculture and social sectors. The previous Chief Minister’s family were made involved into earning money misusing power and position but at other side our Chief Ministry’s family members are totally involved into social service, they live in simple life as common people. They don’t believe in show off differing to ex-cm family who lived in royal class. He suggested all workers to be united and should always be ready to work for the welfare of our people with theme of ‘humanity first’. 

Ranjana Pradhan,
Secretary (Press and Publicity),
Sikkim Krantikari Morcha.

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