Sikkim woman on tour at Amritsar dies by falling off auto after two men snatch her bag

Amritsar, Feb 5 (PTI) A 29-year-old tourist, hailing from Sikkim, died after falling from an auto-rickshaw when two bike-borne men snatched her bag, police said on Sunday.

Ganga along with her fiancé was returning from the Attari border after watching the beating retreat ceremony on Friday evening.

The incident took place on the Amritsar-Attari road near Dodewind village, police said.

Two unidentified men on the motorcycle snatched the bag from Ganga when she along with her fiancé were in the auto-rickshaw. She fell from the moving vehicle and suffered head injuries, they said.

The two men sped away after snatching the bag.

Ganga was admitted to hospital where she succumbed to injuries on Saturday, police said.

Police said Ganga hailed from Gangtok where she was into a small business.

The body was handed over to Ganga’s brother on Sunday, they said. (PTI JMS CHS VSD CK)

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