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Sikkim Woman gifts land to fourteen poor and needy families

“Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and Moon, or good people and noble ventures”. _ M.F.K. Fisher.  

The reality of the world is that everyone is selfish, the difference is who is less”. There are indeed many millionaires and billionaire human-beings in this world who has not contributed anything for the societies, some who even differentiates the backgrounds and where they have come from. But there are people who are poor but rich by heart, who have nothing but a small roof to cover themselves. Money does not make you rich or worth than the poor, true riches have nothing to do with money but with the size of your heart. The more you care for the people around you and the society, the bigger it gets and the richer you are.

Anju Chettri from Melli, South Sikkim gifts plot of land to fourteen poor families and one extra land to establish ICDS at Melli. She worked hard and earned the lands by herself, which she distributed to the poor families. Anju with other members organized a program in Melli where she handed over the land documents  to the beneficiaries. 

Speaking with Sikkim Chronicle, Anju Chettri stated, “I too belonged from a poor family, I know its hardships and struggles. So, I always had this thing on my mind that one day I too shall help others who are poor and cannot afford their living. I worked very hard on my own, not for my sake, but for the poor and needy people around me. Every single day, I always thought that what should I do for the poor people? Or how should I support them and their living?.”

“Giving lands to the poor was the best idea that came up in my mind because, I’ve seen so many people who do not have their own house and living on rents with so much of burdens. Nowadays, even if people want to build their house, they required a land to start which is very hard to find and is very expensive. If they have lands than they can slowly build a house of their own, so I finally decided to give them my lands which I earned by myself. I have bought all the lands at road-side so that later on if they built their houses they can be at ease.” She added.

In addition, Chettri said “At Poshi village  I distributed 20×30 square feet of land to the five families, at Paiyu village 20×40 square feet of land and at Kubindey  village 20×40 square feet of land. One family has got 15×43 square feet of land whereas, rest of them has 20x 40 square feet of land respectively. When it comes to family support, indeed they were very supportive through every means. At first when I planned to buy lands, I never shared my thoughts to my family members but when my documents got fully prepared, I took an initiative to have a talk with my families. They were very astonished when they heard it, but later on, they agreed to my wish and supported me fully, and I am very thankful for them.” 

One of the beneficiaries said, “I am immensely overjoyed with tears by the gift which our beloved Anju Chettri has given to us. Belonging from a poor background with no proper house to stay in was very hard for me and my family. I could never imagine in my entire life that I would buy a land and built a house but all thanks to Anju Chettri for providing us land, I shall never forget your good deeds.”

Furthermore,  L.M Pradhan and Kishan Agrawal assured the beneficiaries to help and support them by giving an amount of money to everyone and construction materials shall be provided too with free of cost.     

By Sheetal Kharka. The authoris a freelance writer. She can be contacted at

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