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Sikkim Police detain Madan Tamang; was suspected to create disturbance during Presidential visit to Sikkim

Sikkim police detain Madan Tamang, President Sikkimay Surakha Samiti.

As per police sources, Tamang has been detained by Sikkim police under suspension of creating disturbance during the Draupadi Murmu, President of India’s first visit to the state of Sikkim.

Tamang was arrested by Sikkim police near Convey Ground, Tadong and has been detained at Tadong Outpost.

Furthermore, Tamang came into media radar when he was detained by Sikkim police during Amit Shah’s recent visit to Sikkim. He was amongst the ones who attempted to show black flag to the Home minister, Amit Shah last month.

Madan Tamang is President of Sikkimay Surakha Samiti, an NGO that has been floating demands on verification and cancellation of Fake COIs in the state. The group has been sitting on an indefinite protest at DAC since more than past 50 days.

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