Sikkim MP Indra Hang Subba records only 68% attendance in 7 Parliament sessions; below national average

Indra Hang Limboo one of the youngest Member of Parliament for Lok Sabha ever had by Sikkim has been named amongst the MPs below National Average with 68 percentage of attendance while the National Average being 80 percentage.

Indra Hang Subba began his political career by joining Hamro Sikkim Party led by Bhaichung Bhutia later in 2019 he joined SKM party and was nominated by SKM as Candidate. for MP Lok shaba, Wherein with margin of 47 percentage he won the 2019 elections. MP Limboo represented a big hope for Sikkim, particularly to his community of Limboo, on the pretext of securing Assembly seat reservation in Sikkim for Limboo-Tamang communities who secured tribal status way back in 2002

So far after taking charge as an MP total of seven Parliamentary sessions took place wherein he was completely absent during the month long winter session this year.

As per PRS report, Indra Hang has 68 percentage attendence in Parliamentary sessions which is below National Average 80 percentage, in total Indra Hang has participated in 8 debates while the National Average remains at 28.9, Number of questions asked is 16 while the National Average being 108. He is yet to present a private member bill, while the national average is also at a merely 0.6.

The MP has 100 percent attendance only in two parliamentary sessions, once in the 2020 Monsoon session and 2019 Budget session. Apart from the zero attendance in this Winter session, he has 39 percent attendance in 2020 Budget session, 70 percent attendance in 2019 winter session, 75 percent in 2021 budget session, and 82 percent in 2021 Monsoon session.

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Indra Hang Subba on being completely absent during the winter session said, “I was not absent, I have taken leave. Moreover, it coincided with my marriage, I think there are provisions where you can take leave for marriage. When the auspicious occasion of marriage was declared, at the same time it coincided. Hence I took leave and submitted it to the speaker”

Further on his performance being lower than the National average, Subba said “Many sessions in the past have been disrupted, and many questions that I had put forward both starred and unstarred, it was selected in the lottery. I have been making many unstarred questions. A single member party, COVID 19, Farm Laws disruption, it’s not normal times and gets difficulty to clear questions”.

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“We have to create chance to raise this issue, I have raised this debate in special mention twice in less than 2 years, I have even raised a question on the same issues. If you compare his performance in the issue of Limboo Tamang seat reservation issue, he raised the issue thrice in 10 years, I have done that already in 2 years. I have raised relevant issues such as 11 left out communities, just to improve my attendance and performance I am not going to speak on issues that are irrelevant to the parliament constituency of Sikkim. PD Rai has spoken on issues that had no context to Sikkim”. Said MP Subba

Furthermore defending on the very low attendance in between 2020, Subba stated that, “I got caught in the lockdown and ensuring the evacuation of students during the pandemic”.

So far, MP Indra Hang has debated on topics such as

  • Urge to government to provide reservation of seats for ST communities in legislative assembly in Sikkim on March 16 and September 21, 2020 both of which were a special mention.
  • – Need to include 11 communities of Sikkim in the list of schedule tribes on December 4, 2019 as part of Lok Sabha Matters under Rule 377.
  • Request to establish Central University campus in Sikkim on July 1, 2019 which was a special mention
  • Along with a few debates on Budget session, demand for grants.
    In 16 Questions put forth topics includes
  • Skill development, Science Research Institutions in Northeast States
  • – Compensation for damages caused by landslides, schemes to protect cultural diversity in the Northeast region
  • Institute in NER, housing for rural poor,
  • – Demand for steel and carbon dioxide emission
  • Implementation of national clean air programme
  • – Consumption of water resources
  • Homegrown satellites
  • – Ayurvedic classification of diseases, grievances redressal cell for PMAY
  • Pioneer scheme
  • – Low cost organic farming
  • Reservation for Limboo and Tamang STs of Sikkim.
  • In comparison with Raju Bista MP from Darjeeling hills, Bista has 93 percentage of attendance in total while Indra Hang Limboo has 68 percentage of attendance.

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