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Sikkim Legislative Assembly passes second supplementary demands grant of Rs 27,314.51 lakh

Gangtok (IPR): September 16: Sixth Session-Part III of the Tenth Assembly 2022-23 of Sikkim Legislative Assembly passed the Second Supplementary Demands for Grants of Rs 27,314.51 lakh for the Financial Year 2022-23
The House passed the Second Supplementary Demands for Grants of Rs. 27,314.51 lakh to meet gross additional expenditure after it was moved for consideration and passing by Chief Minister who is also the Minister-in-Charge of the Finance Department Prem Singh Tamang
Subsequently, the House also passed the Sikkim Appropriation Bill, 2022 (Bill No. 25 of 2022) for the Second Supplementary Demands for Grants, relating to the Financial Year 2022-23, which was moved for consideration by Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang, also the Minister-in-Charge of Finance Department.

The Sikkim Appropriation Bill, 2022 (Bill No. 25 of 2022 is introduced in pursuance of clause (1) of Article 204 read with Article 205 of the Constitution of India to provide for the appropriation from and out of the Consolidated Fund of the State of Sikkim of the money required to meet the expenditure charged in the Consolidated Fund of the State of Sikkim and Supplementary Grants made by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly for the expenditure of the Government of Sikkim for the remaining part of the Financial Year 2022-23.
During the Legislative Business, CM Tamang, also the Minister-in-Charge of the Finance Department, introduced the Sikkim Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill 2022 (Bill No. 26 of 2022). Discussion and voting over the amendment bill shall be taken up in the next session.

Speaker, Arun K. Upreti, laid out the Annual Report of the Forest and Environment Department 2019-20 on the Table of the House.

In his valedictory remarks, Leader of the House, Prem Singh Tamang, extended gratitude to SLA Speaker Arun K. Upreti, Deputy Speaker Sangay Lepcha, along with all the Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, and representatives of various departments and press & media involved in the successful conduction of the day-long session.

He said that the State government shall always adhere to its commitment to safeguarding the rights of every citizen of the State. He assured that the deliberations over contemporary issues raised by the House Members would be considered with the joint coordination of all the Members. He further added that the State government should work in tandem with all the stakeholders to usher in greater glory to the State of Sikkim and aid in reaching its most genuine potential.

Speaker Arun Upreti, while presenting his valedictory remarks in Bhutia language in which he thanked all the members of the House for maintaining decorum and assisting in smooth proceedings of the Sixth Session (Part III) of the Tenth Assembly 2022-23.

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