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Sikkim issues new Covid19 guidelines; RTPCR compulsory to enter Sikkim; ODD EVEN formula comes into effect

Sikkim state government issues new guidelines amid COVID-19 in the state of Sikkim. The notification will come into effect from January 10 till January 24

As per the notification, all persons entering the state should produce negative RTPCR certificate conducted within 72 hrs prior to the data of entry.

Further, the officials of Government of India on official tours, army personnel on duty, officers of State Government on official tours and election duty shall be exempted from this requirement.

Further the notification added that

  1. Driver/ Conductor/ Helper of commercial and passenger vehicles who commute daily, shall be exempted from the above requirements subject to transport department in consultation with Health Department organizing Rapid Antigen Test for all such individuals once in 7 days.
  2. Workers engaged in Railway projects, power projects etc. who commute daily across the State border shall be exempted from this requirement provided the concerned agency engaging such workers shall ensure conducting RAT for such individuals once in 7 days.
    3. Labour Department shall conduct and ensure registration of all Labours entering State duty fulfilling the requirements of negative RTPCR report conducted within 72 hours prior to date of entry
  3. Subject to general application of these guidelines, the workers, technicians engaged in various projects, pharmaceuticals units etc. shall be permitted to enter by the concerned District Collector on case to case basis.
    Likewise, foreigner already in India since past 7 days with production of valid negative RTPCR report conducted within 72 hours shall be allowed to enter the state,

“All foreigners including those from Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh who are already in India for more than seven days shall be permitted entry into the State, on production of a negative RTPCR report conducted thereafter and within 72 hours prior to date of entry. Those foreign nationals who are visiting the State in connection with various project related works may be permitted by the concerned District Collector before 7 days period on case to case basis and with reasonable restrictions. “

“All Indian international travellers coming to the State are required to undergo 7 days home quarantine and undertake RTPCR test on 8th day of arrival in the country. ” Added the notification

Likewise, the ODD EVEN formula shall be implemented in the state however odd even restriction shall not apply to commercial goods vehicles, vehicles engaged in essential services, security and Army vehicles, Government vehicles on official tours along with luxury vehicles. “Vehicles bearing a registration number ending with odd digits shall be allowed to ply on days having odd days, and vehicles bearing even digits shall be allowed to ply on days having even dates.”

Further, the Government vehicles on duty shall only be allowed to ply for local transport during office hours from 9 am to 5:30 pm without odd even restrictions.

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