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Sikkim is no more safe heaven for our children: Tseten Tashi Bhutia

Press release

Vocal for local:- This is an Information for the Sikkimese People at large.

We were always been a perfect ambassadors of peace and tranquility not only in India but in the world. But, today I am writing this post to shout out loud and also to appeal my fellow Sikkimese people;

"That indeed a time has come wherein, our Identity, our Reputation, our Dignity, our Self Respect and our very own existence are being challenged and is at stake."

That recently almost been a week, a heinous crime has committed by 4 people against our Children and most of the accused are non-locals or their children.

Sorry to inform all the Sikkimese People that our minor children was sexually assaulted by some bastards. It is a shame for all of us, the Sikkimese aboriginals that, our own children (who are hardly 8 to 10 years old) had to face such an odious crimes, that too in the capital city Gangtok.
I have got the information that, most of the accused are minor studying in class 10-12th standards have already got the bail and one adult who happens to be still untraceable.

Hence, i would like to request, that be it, minor or adult, the crime has committed against our innocent children who are just 8-10 years old. Therefore, all the accused shall be penalized with the most stringent punishments ever in the judicial history of Sikkim, so that the message shall reach out loud and clear to those perverts that, “Sikkim shall not tolerate such crimes .”

My appeal to all the aboriginal Sikkimese, please raise your voice, as the Justice Kurian Joseph on his farewell speech said, “The Silence Of The Lawmen Does More Harm To The Society Than The Violence Of The Laymen.”

My humble appeal, let’s not be ignorant this time , it’s a high time that, we have to come out of our comforts of home to the streets and speak against such heinous crimes and fight to get justice for our innocent ANGELs.

Sikkim is no more safe heaven for our children, unless we step up to protect our beautiful State and its future generations.

More surprisingly, keeping aside the concerned authorities, who are acting numb anyway. No digital media or print media or of any kinds has highlighted this news, this should be the breaking news for every news publications in Sikkim as well as neighbouring states, at least for the sake of spreading awareness among the public at large.

Lastly, To my fellow Sikkimese People… “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” as quoted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Therefore, no matter,n whether the authority/authorities or the Government are vigilant or not, or taking any actions or not. Let’s not be dependent to anyone, for the sake of our own safety, for the sake of our childrens’ safety. Let’s all be vigilant to what is happening in our surroundings/societies. We can and we will bring the change in society, United we stand and fight against this kind of heinous crimes. We shall not spare anyone who is challenging our dignity and the existence of our future generations. More importantly, we shall ask the Government that who shall be answerable to this kind of heinous crimes committed in our state??

Save our childrens.
Tseten Tashi Bhutia
Former minister.
Camp: New Delhi

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