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Sikkim highest in road accident fatality rate: ‘Above national average’, Road accidents report 2021

Sikkim with 8.7 highest in road accident fatality catagory of the ‘Road accidents in India report 2021’ released by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

According to the report, During 2021, Sikkim (8.7) recorded the highest fatality rate followed by Bihar (6.8). About 50 percent of states have a fatality rate above the national average of 4.0 during 2021

“The fatality rate is useful for comparing road safety across states, particularly those with similar levels of motorisation. Comparing the number of road fatalities in relation to the number of vehicle kilometers driven (total distance travelled by motor vehicles) provides a better indicator for assessing the risk of travelling on a given road network.” Stated the report

“The number of traffic deaths in relation to the number of registered vehicles sometimes serves as an approximation for the fatality rate in the absence of data on distance travelled,” the report stated.” Added the report

In the year 2021, total of 4,12,432 road accidents occured which claimed 1,53,972 lives and caused injuries to 3,84,448 persons.

Similarly, Arunachal Pradesh recorded the highest increase in road accidents in the country in 2021 as compared to 2020. The state registered 283 accidents in 2021 as compared to 134 in 2020, which is an increase of 111.2 percent.

Furthermore the state of Mizoram continued to have the highest severity rate in 2021 at 81 percent

The report stated that despite marginal fluctuations, Northeastern states total accident share has been constant, taking account the ast five years”

“Among the Northeast states, Assam recorded the highest number of accidents from 2017 to 2021. Nagaland with 746 accidents is in second place followed by Tripura (479) and Manipur (366). The number of accidents has been increasing in 2021 over 2020 in all the Northeastern states except Manipur. Manipur has 66 fewer accidents in 2021 over 2020,” reads the report

Meanwhile, Maharashtra, state with largest road network (6,28,715-km with 11.6% share in 2019) and the highest number of registered motor vehicles in the country (37.78 million, 11.5% in 2020), records fatality rate of 3.1, lower than the national average.

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