Sikkim Covid19: All you need to know about delta variant

# Delta is the name for the B. 1.617.2. variant, a SARS-CoV-2 mutation that originally surfaced in India in October 2020.

# The WHO has called this version of the virus “the fastest and fittest”, thus labeling it as a “variant of concern”.

# The delta variant has increased transmissibility which is one of its key characteristics. It rapidly spreads between people more efficiently.

# The other two key characteristics of the delta variant are: stronger binding to receptors of lung cell and potential reduction in monoclonal antibody response.

# The symptoms of the delta variant are similar to those seen with the original coronavirus strain and other variants including persistent cough, headache, fever and sore throat.

#Even minor symptoms of Covid-19 should immediately be reported to the nearest health facility and the delta variant has a tendency to escape RTPCR negative report and has to be confirmed through a CT scan.

#Keep yourself and your loved ones protected against this variant by wearing masks in public while making sure that it covers your nose and mouth and that you have clean hands when wearing or taking off your masks.

# Avoid crowded places and keep safe distance from others when outdoors. When you’re indoors, ensure that the rooms are well ventilated.

# Vaccination is the best protection against the virus. When it’s your turn, make sure that you take the opportunity to get yourself vaccinated. If you are required to get two doses, ensure that you go back for the second dose so that you can be fully protected against severe diseases.

# Continue to adhere and reinforce all of the Covid-19 SOPs and guidelines issued in your area with sincerity.

# Take control over what you do everyday and reduce your susceptibility towards getting affected by the virus.

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