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Sikkim born Daniel Tamang signs music contract with Zee Music And Saregama India

Daniel Tamang from Singtam, East Sikkim, signs music contract with Zee Music and Saregamapa India. “I literally feel so privileged to work and sign up contract with the biggest music industry of India. It’s every musicians dream to work in this platform and I feel proud of myself because all the struggles and hard works is finally paying off” said Daniel after signing the contract

Zee Music is known for it’s art of India’s leading entertainment companies which was founded in the year 2014 by Anurag Bedi, PMI . Whereas, Saregamapa is an oldest music label of India owned by RP- Sanjay Goenka Group of Companies in the year 1901.

Daniel Tamang is a singer songwriter and a music producer. Daniel’s first Debut as a singer was in the year 2014, with his single ‘Najdik ho tum mere’.

Speaking to Sikkim Chronicle, Daniel Tamang stated, “My Grandmother was from Singtam and I was very small we shifted to Kolkata as my father was in the Indian army.”

“I used to watch a lot of concerts in my childhood days and when my cousin used to perform who was also a musician I used to feel happy to see the crowd enjoying his performance”

Tamang currently works as a composer at a Kolkata based music company known as Rooh Music. So far Tamang in his musical journey has been part projects such as he has written and composed songs for zee Saregamapa Bangla winner Sayam Paul and Rahul Dutta.

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