Sikkim Beats Arunachal Pradesh By 6 Wickets

Trophy by 6 wickets yesterday at Salt Lake, Kolkata.
 Sikkim won the toss and elected to field first. In the first innings, Arunachal were all-out for 74
runs in 37.3 overs. Class bowling by all the bowlers of Sikkim was showcased during the match
that restricted the opponent to a low score. Manizha Mumtaz took 4 wickets, conceding just 11
runs in 9 overs, Pranita Chettri 3 wickets, and Tabita Subba 2 wickets.

In the second innings, Sikkim chased the target of 75 runs in 27.1 overs. Jetsun Chee scored
23 runs and remained not-out, Songkit Lhamu Lepcha 14 runs, Rinki Rajak and Manizha
Mumtaz scored 12 runs each and Yudenmit Lepcha 10 runs.
Sikkim has scored 4 point(s) for this win and will be playing against Bihar on November 4

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