SC East Bengal eyeing for a second win against FC Goa

Invigorated East Bengal placed second last with only 6 points will be facing the giants FC Goa placed third in the league with a whopping 14 points. 

SC East Bengal suffered defeat in their first seven matches but finally managed to secure a win against Odisha FC, placed at the bottom of the table on Sunday. Robbie Fowler’s men will be facing a tough challenge going against the worthy opponents of FC Goa.

Fowler, in an interview, articulated how he feels by saying that his players are in a “better space” at the moment. “We want to win games. The lads are in a better space now than what they were a few weeks ago. But I’ve categorically told them that we’ve got to go out and play the way we can. If you can play the way you can, you will win games,” said the head coach on Tuesday.

We’ve won a game, but we won’t get carried away at the same time. I think football, you have to take the rough with the smooth. Sometimes results go against you, sometimes they go in your favour. It’s not the case of us not being where we want to be. What’s fundamental is we’re always working to get the right results,” said Fowler.

The coach has been very optimistic about the Nigerian striker Bright Enobakhare when he scored a goal in the club’s previous game. Thus, shining on his debut. “That’s the good thing about having such a player in the squad. When you have good players at your disposal, you have an option to go with different formations,” Fowler added.

SC East Bengal is aware of the fact that facing FC Goa won’t be easy as they have incredibly talented and prominent players on their team. “We obviously know FC Goa, with the players they’ve got, will make it an incredibly tough game. All games are tough yeah, we do go into this one with a bit of extra confidence because of that 3-1 win against Odhisa. At times we’ve played good football and there have also been times where we could have done better in terms of possession. It’s up to the players now to work things out on the pitch and we’ll give them all the help going into the game and shout from the sidelines,” said Fowler.

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