Raj Bhawan to open gates for tourists starting January 1 2022

Ganga Prasad Governer of Sikkim held a presser at Raj Bhawan today in which he informed that starting January 1, 2022 the Raj Bhawan will open its gates to the general public, visitors and tourists.

Addressing the media Governer stated that, “Raj Bhawan is a public property and has its own historical background so keeping in mind all the aspects we have planned to open gates of Raj Bhawan for locals and tourists”

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Ganga Prasad Governer of Sikkim

“No entry fees will be levied and the visitors can visit the complex from 10am – 12 am and 2pm – 4pm every day.” added the statement

The Raj Bhawan is a Historic building built by the first British Political Officer to Sikkim John Claude White as the residence of Political Officers and was called “The Residency”. After the independence of India it was the official residence of the Indian Political Officers and was known as “Barra Kothi”, It was only after the merger of Sikkim with India the building and the complex got its present name the “Raj Bhawan”, the official residence of the Governor of Sikkim.

This heritage building was severely damaged by the earthquake of 14th February 2006 and was not in use since then and it was only on August 15 2009, that the Bhawan was retrofitted and restored observing conservation norms under the guidance of then Governor B. P. Singh.

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