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Preserving and Promoting the Lepcha Culture : Namprikdang Namsoong Festival back after 2 years

With the aspiration of preserving and promoting Lepcha culture, the Namprikdang Namsoong Celebration Committee is set to organize the Namprikdang Namsoong Festival after a 2-year gap due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival will commence from December 29 to December 31 at Namprikdang Ground in Dzongu, with the theme “Experience the Indigenous Ways.”

Namprikdang Festival dates back to the year 1976 and this year is its 47th year of celebration.

In the Lepcha language, Namprik means Dhan Chari (White-rumped munia) and Dang means a flat land.

It is celebrated every year at the confluence of rivers Teesta and Rongyoug in Dzongu.

According to the joint secretary of the celebration committee, Dr. Dawa Lendup Lepcha, Namprikdang is one of the oldest festivals in the Lepcha community. He further said it also marks the beginning of the new year, making it an important festival in the Lepcha community.

SDM Dzongu, Sonam Rinchen Lepcha, informed that those who want to visit the festival will be able to easily do so, as the passes to enter Dzongu will be available with ease at the checkpoint.

According to the committee, in addition to music and local delicacies, the festival will also feature indigenous sports over the course of three days.

The committee has decided to not host the football tournament this year as to promote indigenous sports, tug of war being the main focus.

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