Prepaid energy meter to be installed in Sikkim: First Meter installed at Mintogang today

The prepaid energy meter launched today by the Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang at Mintokgang in the presence of Minister, M.N Sherpa and senior officials of the Power department, in pursuance of the Government of India’s integrated Power Development Scheme.

As per the scheme, meters will be installed free of cost across all residential and commercial establishments. CM stated that these meters will tackle the issue of power wastage and misuse and will also be economically viable for the state government in terms of revenue.

These meters will be installed phase-wise all over Sikkim, and consumers can recharge online or through vouchers available at the State Bank of Sikkim. Recharge vouchers will be available between the amount of Rs.200/- and Rs. 30,000/- as required.

Emergency credit and friendly credit services ensure that the power supply is not interrupted during odd hours and holidays. Consumers can download the SAHAJ Liberty app on their mobile devices to register their meters and find all the details and recharge their meters through it.

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